Iowa State pummels Oklahoma despite flaws

Iowa State’s Ian Parker celebrates after an overtime win over No. 11 Dom Demas of Oklahoma on Friday.

Trevor Holbrook

Iowa State won eight of 10 matches on Friday, outscoring Oklahoma, 25-6. The win bumped the Cyclones’ record up to 7-1 and 4-0 in the Big 12.

Outside of a one-point loss, duals have been smooth sailing for Iowa State with each win coming with a double-digit point cushion. Coach Kevin Dresser found multiple critiques in the win.

“If you look at the score, yeah, it was good, but we could’ve done better tonight,” Dresser said in the press conference following an extended talk with his team.

A top example of a solid performance that could’ve been a lot cleaner of a match came from redshirt freshman 174-pounder Marcus Coleman.

With a 12-6 lead and three matches after Coleman, the dual was far from settled when his walk-out music came over the Hilton Coliseum speakers.

Oklahoma’s Anthony Mantanona stepped on the mat and slapped on the red ankle band. Mantanona proceeded to slap Coleman onto the mat.

After the takedown, Mantanona flirted with a pin, earning two near-fall points. Thirty seconds later, Mantanona pushed for a pin, delivering four more near-fall points.

To wrap up the period, Mantanona produced four more near-fall points, building a 12-0 first-period lead.

Coleman selected bottom and managed to get on the scoreboard with a reversal. With Coleman on top, action stopped due to Mantanona dealing with an injury. The Sooner appeared dazed but stayed in the match.

After the stoppage, Coleman racked up 15 points to Mantanona’s three (two escapes and a riding time point). Coleman lucked out with a hot finish and a crawl to the finish from Mantanona, bumping the Cyclones’ dual record to 8-0.

“We told him ‘hey, this guy’s going to come out hard, hard, hard,'” Dresser said. “He’s like a prize fighter; he’s going to try to knock you out in the first minute, but he hasn’t been doing the miles on the road, so when he gets to the next round, he doesn’t have a lot left.

“The fact that we didn’t respond there is what upsets me. We knew exactly what we were getting into. We had a guy who was going to come out smoking-hot, try to knock us out right away, and we let him knock us out. Luckily we got back into it.”

Outside of the 174-pound match, other struggles appeared at 149 pounds with Jarrett Degen’s loss, 157 pounds with Chase Straw’s loss and another slow start from 133-pounder Austin Gomez

The lopsided victory also saw some positives for the Cyclones. After Coleman’s narrow win, 184-pounder Sam Colbray buried any hopes for a Sooner team win with a 14-4 win over Kayne MacCallum.

Earlier in the dual, 141-pounder Ian Parker set the tone with a gritty 4-3 win over No. 10 Dom Demas in sudden victory.

Parker and Demas finished the first period knotted at zero. Demas tacked on three points in the second period, but Parker forced a stall warning. 

In the third period, Parker put the Cyclone fans on their feet with an escape followed by a takedown. In sudden victory, Parker won via a stalling call.

“I could definitely feel my guy getting tired,” Parker said. “Totally felt like he fell off a cliff and didn’t want to be on the mat anymore. He was kind of backing up more once he got that lead.”

Colbray on the other hand, ignited the Iowa State fans early, rattling off 10 first-period points, including a four-point near fall at the buzzer.

The action slowed in the final two periods with MacCallum getting pegged with a pair of stall calls, but Colbray continued to control. 

“Getting him tired,” Colbray said about his strategy early on. “I wanted to get him tired. I compete well when the guy can’t necessarily think. At that point it becomes like muscle memory, so I want to push the pace early, get to my shots and things will pan out.”