Places to escape from the cold


Mary Valentine/Iowa State Daily

The Browsing Library in the MU is a cozy space for students to go and escape the winter cold. 

Mary Valentine

With temperatures continuing to drop, Iowa State students have come up with some of their favorite spots on campus to hangout and study between classes while avoiding the cold.

“Because I live in the dorms on the east side of campus, it is oftentimes more convenient to study at Hixson-Lied Academic Success Center instead of going all the way to the library, especially now that it is cold,” said Rachael Walcheck, a freshman studying microbiology. “I can always count on it to be calm and quiet.”

Harl Commons in Curtiss Hall, the second floor of Pearson Hall, and the South Ballroom in the Memorial Union are among Julia Austin’s, a freshman in open option (LAS), favorite places to go between classes.

The South Ballroom has a great view of Lake LaVerne and has plenty of desks and seating suitable for students to utilize throughout the day.

Another noteworthy place, the Memorial Union has to offer is the area surrounding the Multicultural Center, which is secluded and provides a view of central campus.

If you are looking for more of an escape from the hectic school day, the Browsing Library on the first floor is the perfect nook. There is also a non-denominational Chapel within the Browsing Library that can be used for reflection, prayer, or quiet reading.

Students such as Jack Adee, a sophomore studying finance, and Rachel Larkin, a sophomore studying apparel, merchandising and design, enjoy spending time where they have class to avoid time in the cold.

Adee spends most of his days in the Gerdin Business Building because it “provides a professional experience.” Similarly, Larkin spends much time in Sukup Hall for attending classes and downtime.

Iowa State has a plethora of locations that each have their own unique attributes. It is doubtful that a student will have class in every hall on campus, so use the cold as an excuse to explore the different spaces that Iowa State has to offer.