New adjustable height tables at Parks Library

Parks Library introduces 10 adjustable-height tables to the southwest area of the third floor.

Megan Nemec

During winter break, 10 adjustable-height tables were installed in Parks Library in the southwest area of the third floor.

The tables allow students to study comfortably, whether it be by sitting or standing. 

“In the short time students have been around to use the tables I have seen them in use and I know that the reaction to them has been very positive,” said Monica Gillen, communication specialist.

A collaboration with Student Government helped fund the tables.

“Funding for the tables was a collaboration with the university library and the Student Government,” Gillen said. “Student Government paid for two thirds of the tables — approximately $5,200 — while the university library paid for the other third — approximately $2,600.” 

Student Government played a large role in the planning and installment of the tables.

“This past summer at my internship I had an adjustable-height desk, which was really nice when spending time in the office, and when I came back to campus I realized we didn’t have that option for students,” said Rachel Origer, engineering senator on the Engineering Student Council.

Origer found that her friends and others on campus were interested in the adjustable tables and also felt that they should be an available option.

“I reached out to Dean McNeil in September and she was on board immediately,” Origer said. 

Once the cost was calculated, funding two-thirds of the tables was passed by the Student Government.

“I went to the library to check them out and there were students using them,” Origer said. “I tried them out and they are very easy to use.”