Editorial: Join the ISD Editorial Board


Iowa State Daily

Editor-in-Chief Annelise Wells encourages people to apply to the ISD Editorial Board.

Editorial Board

We are currently looking for students and community members to join the Iowa State Daily Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board is one of the most important parts of a newspaper. Its purpose is to lead the community discussion by providing insight into pertinent topics.

This often manifests itself in the form of editorials. Past editorials have covered a wide range of topics.

There have been editorials that hit close to home, like an in-depth look at the importance of research at Iowa State and an open letter to the new Student Government leaders, and others that lead a broader discussion about the First Amendment and recent gun violence.

There have been more light-hearted pieces, as with the editorials about March Madness and the components of a healthy relationship. Others have been more somber, discussing latent racial biases and the opioid crisis that threatens our nation.

No matter the topic, every single editorial shares the same characteristic — a well informed and well researched opinion that is presented together with the necessary facts to confirm its claims.

Currently, the ISD Editorial Board consists of five members. We would like to continue to increase that number.

We strive to represent our readers accurately. As such, all are who are interested are welcome to apply. Both students and community members are encouraged to apply.

We strive to spark discussion and engage debate. No meaningful debate can be held, though, without diversity of perspective. All are welcome to apply, no matter their beliefs or viewpoints.

Meetings will be held weekly to decide the topic of each editorial and its stance. In case of disagreement on either topic, there will be a vote.

If you are passionate about spearheading the conversation around lasting change at Iowa State and in the community, we urge you to apply. You will have the opportunity to inform the public on vital, and sometimes controversial, matters. We ask only that you support your perspective with verifiable and reliable sources.

To apply for the ISD Editorial Board, email [email protected] with inquiries.