Faculty Senate election results to be announced Tuesday


Taylor Hagie/Iowa State Daily

Peter Martin, university professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, facilitates the meeting held in the Memorial Union on Oct. 9.

Kaitlyn Hood

A new president will be announced at the first Faculty Senate meeting of the year on Tuesday, following a December 2018 vote. 

The Senate will also discuss unfinished business from the previous meeting, which includes a proposed master of science in event management, changes to the Action Plan Mediation and Consistency of Student Learning Outcomes sections of the faculty handbook and a proposed resolution against bullying and intimidation on campus.

The need for a master of science in event management is being proposed in response to an ever-growing industry calling for more qualified professionals. The program will allow students to master the skills needed to become a fully capable professional while working with their own schedule.

“The flexibility of [the] program will fit the needs and wants of students and professionals who are currently balancing employment, family, and other needs,” according to the Faculty Senate agenda.

The changes to the faculty handbook will even out inconsistencies and create a more precise description of policies already in the handbook. The proposed changes will give faculty a greater understanding of the Action Plan Mediation and Consistency of Student Learning Outcomes so they are better able to help students when their situations fall under one of these policies, according to the agenda.

The Faculty Senate will also discuss a resolution against bullying and intimidation on campus. According to Iowa State’s Discrimination and Harassment policy, “The University values and promotes an environment that enables all members of the community to pursue work and study free from discrimination and harassment. At the same time, the university is committed to preserving academic freedom and an environment of free debate and discussion. As employees, faculty are responsible for abiding by the University’s Discrimination and Harassment Policy.”

This resolution will help the Faculty Senate take steps to ensure that bullying is taken in a serious manner at Iowa State.

According to the Faculty Senate agenda, “ISU Faculty Senate stands firmly united that workplace and educational bullying have no place on our campus, are pernicious and will not be tolerated.” 

The Faculty Senate meeting will be held at 3:30 p.m. in the Sun Room of the Memorial Union.