‘YURI!!! on ICE’ film trailer has given new life to the fandom


Victor as he appears in the first trailer for “YURI!!! on ICE: Ice Adolescence.”

Margaret Troup

The upcoming film “YURI!!! on ICE: Ice Adolescence” will most likely serve as a series wrap after the finale of the show’s only season left fans wanting more. 

“YURI!!! on ICE” is a 2016 sports anime about figure skating. The show follows 23-year-old Yuri Katsuki, a depressed and defeated figure skater who is questioning putting his figure skating career on hold after multiple competition losses. That is, until a 27-year-old Victor Nikiforov, an esteemed figure skater and one of Yuri’s idols, sees a video of Yuri’s skating and decides to become his trainer. 

While the main focus of the anime is the sport of figure skating, there is also a budding romantic relationship between Yuri and Victor incorporated into the plot. “YURI!!! on ICE” was so popular that by the time its season finale aired, the amount of fans watching it ended up crashing Crunchyroll, a popular anime streaming service.

Despite its immense popularity, there was never a second season of the show. A side story manga was added to the franchise’s story in May 2017, but no new animations have since been created. Since the show’s end, no new additions to the franchise have been announced until very recently.

In 2017, a “YURI!!! on ICE” movie was announced. Since then, no news about the film has been released until the recently dropped trailer

The trailer shows Victor ice skating in preparation for what seems to be an Olympic competition. Yuri is not shown in the trailer, but fans have no doubt he will appear in the film, even if the main focus is Victor.

Based on text that appears on screen at the beginning of the trailer, which tells viewers Victor is 17 years old, fans speculate that “Ice Adolescence” will most likely be a prequel to the TV series and will show Victor at his first Olympic competition.

According to an announcement on the film’s official website, there is currently no set release date for “Ice Adolescence.”