How to wear your hair with a mask

Managing your hair with a mask that gets in the way can make it difficult to look trendy, but these hairstyles will flatter your face even when you have a face covering.

Hannah Scott

COVID-19 has changed almost every aspect of our lives, even down to the simplest of actions like getting ready in the morning.

For many, trying different hairstyles and experimenting with different accessories can be the perfect way to spice up your look when you feel a little bland. However, with masks being the norm now, it can be difficult to find hairstyles that will pair well with our new everyday staple. 

Though it may seem almost impossible to find trends that will look cute for your hair while also being functional, there are certainly ways to make your hair a little more fun while still staying safe for you and everybody else.

Make the pony powerful

While many individuals nowadays may just opt for a regular ponytail, after a while, the style can look the same and some may want a way to make this simple hairstyle a little more unique. Instead of simply throwing your hair up into a singular ponytail, try pigtails. You can make them lower or higher, and you can include different scrunchies or hair ties to really add some flair. To make the look even more exciting, instead of regular pigtails, do braided pigtails or a variation on space buns instead. This hairstyle is sure to turn heads and keep people looking back again and again.

Don’t be shy to accessorize

While hats, bandanas and scrunchies may not have always been everybody’s cup of tea, there has never been a better time to test out these fun hair pieces than now. With one of the biggest challenges when it comes to hair and masks being hairstyles coming out of place or having hair get it the way, a hair accessory can be the perfect way to make cute hairstyles realistic for everyday wear. Add a fun bandana that matches your mask to keep excess hair out of the way or try a cute updo with a baseball cap. Though it may not seem like the most fashionable choice at first, all it takes is a little creativity to make these items fun and exciting.

Get crazy with the color

While one of the biggest struggles with masks is the practicality, another is that they often can make looking cute feel like a little bit more of a challenge. For those who used to use makeup as a way to express themselves, it can be a little more difficult when over half of your face is covered up. In order to make up for this, if you have been feeling a little less creative in your looks lately, spice up your hair color. There has never been a better time to try out a statement color and having pink, blue, green or any funky colored hair could be the perfect way to let people know who you are while still adhering to guidelines.

Make the updo unique

One of the best ways to keep hair out of your face (and out of your mask) is to pull it back into an updo. However, sometimes it can be easy to get stuck in the rut of just doing the classic messy bun or basic ponytail. If you want to make your updos just a little more fun, try adding some barrettes or pins to add a little extra something to the look. You can also change the tool you use to put your hair up with, and instead of just using a scrunchie or hair tie, opt for a claw clip instead. This will allow you to have a looser, more relaxed-looking updo, while still keeping your hair up and out of your way.

While it may sometimes seem as though staying trendy in the times of COVID-19 can be difficult, it is definitely not impossible to stay looking cute while also making sure you are staying safe. Though you may not know where to start with your style in the new time, all it takes is a little experimenting to find things you may love more than you ever thought you would.