How this bracelet can keep you safe


invisaWear sells smart necklaces, bracelets and other accessories with discreet location tracking devices inside them to prevent abduction and assault. 

Ashlynn Kile

Jewelry can be stylish yet practical, but here’s how this bracelet can save your life. 

A company called invisaWear sells a “smart jewelry” bracelet that, when pushed, can contact a 911 dispatcher or your friends and family.

The charm on the bracelet has a hidden button on the backside. If the button is pushed two times, it immediately texts up to five friends or family members to let them know you need help. The text message sends them a link to your exact GPS location.

It works with a free app you install on your phone. The app also allows you to enable a free and optional “Contact 911” feature, which can share your location with a 911 dispatcher during an emergency. 

You can also set your phone to play an alarm to deter the attacker or attract other people nearby.

There is no charging necessary for the bracelet as the battery life is guaranteed to last one year, but it usually lasts closer to two years, depending on the usage.  

The app will detect when its battery is low and it sends a notification to purchase a discounted replacement charm. The bracelet costs $149 and replacement charms start at $99.

“I think it’s a genius idea, especially because it looks like a normal bracelet,” said Sarah Madison, a junior in elementary education. “It looks like Alex and Ani bracelets or even Pandora bracelets, so I like how it is disguised.” 

This accessory might look like a normal bracelet, but it’s much more than that. The bracelet looking like a normal bracelet could help someone secretly contact help, which could end up saving them. 

“I don’t think I would buy it just because of the price,” Madison said. “But I love the idea and the safety aspect of it. If it was less expensive, I would want to buy it.”  

Sometimes, you have to pay a little more for a higher-quality product. It could be useful and worth the price for some people.

“I think it’s a good product,” said Celeste Enyeart, a sophomore in mechanical engineering. “If you ever don’t feel safe or need help, you can use it. However, I would be worried I would set it off on accident and cause a lot of attention when I don’t need it. Females in college or larger cities or really anyone could find a lot of use out of this.”

This bracelet is marketed toward college students, runners, real estate agents and anyone who wants a little more comfort when alone.

“The fact I could set it off by accident and then the price being so high makes me not as quick to buy it,” Enyeart said. “This could be a good present for female college students or anyone that is consistently walking alone to feel a little safer.”  

This bracelet from invisaWear is a product that could save you or someone you love’s life. It could also be a great present for someone with the holidays being right around the corner.