2020 holiday gift guide: What to gift the ’90s lover


Before the birth of the Blackberry and iPhone, owning a landline phone in the shape of something fun was the epitome of being cool.

Sydney Novak

If your friend is obsessed with all things “Space Jam” or “Clueless,” this might be the gift guide for you. These gift ideas are specifically for people who love the ‘90s.

’90s decorations

  1. Before there were iPhones, there was the lips landline phone every girl begged their parents for. This is $30 on Amazon and such a fun gift that really gives off a “‘90s Mean Girls aesthetic.” 

  2. This Game Boy alarm clock will make any ‘90s kid nostalgic for their childhood. This gift is a little more expensive, available at Walmart for $40, this gift is less about the function and more about the decor. 

  3. Yes, you can still buy Tamagotchi keychains. There is actually a variety of colors available on Amazon for $20. 

Functional gifts

  1. This “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” lunch box is $9 on Amazon. Fill it up with a bottle of Clear Pepsi, Pop Rocks and Gushers and this is a great gift for anyone who loves the ‘90s. Alternatively, just include a pizza gift card.

  2. Lisa Frank anything will make you remember your sticker-covered bedroom wall when you were seven. These headphones are Lisa Frank-inspired and have a microphone as well to make for some extra fun.

  3. Scented markers were a big deal for anyone who went to school in the ‘90s. Additionally, you could give the equally important Lisa Frank stickers and stationery. If your friend wouldn’t really use the markers, opt for this “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” air freshener. It will still smell good and be a cool addition to their car.

’90s style gifts

  1. This puffer jacket from Target would be a staple in any ’90s kid’s closet. Right now it’s only $17 at Target and comes in a ton of sizes and a variety of colors. 

  2. This SpongeBob and Lisa Frank T-shirt will make anyone reminiscent of cartoons on Nickelodeon. Additionally, Hot Topic has a ton of graphic T-shirts in a variety of different styles for $12 right during Black Friday.

  3. Prior to the year 2000, no outfit was complete without jelly slides. These are available on Amazon but a bit more expensive than the other gifts, depending on the size/color you need. 

Accessories to wear

  1. This “Pulp Fiction” wallet, inspired by the one Samuel L. Jackson carried in the movie, is going to make any Tarantino fan excited. For $26, your ’90s obsessed friend can feel like Jules and Vincent whenever they stop by Big Kahuna Burger.

  2. Baby Soft Perfume is a classic ‘90s gift and definitely something your friend was probably gifted when she was like 7. You can find this at Walmart for $16. 

  3. No ‘90s gift guide would be complete without the butterfly hair clips and bandanas. Be sure to just get the bandanas at the dollar store, Hobby Lobby or Michaels. They usually cost less than a dollar there.

What a better way to be reminded of simpler times than with a ‘90s-inspired Christmas gift? Take your friends’ and family’s mind off everything going on with these nostalgia-inducing gifts.