Host the perfect Friendsgiving


Show your friends how thankful you are to have them by hosting a Thanksgiving party before break.

Mikaela Chambers

Thanksgiving is this coming month and there is nothing better than gathering your closest friends for a Friendsgiving. Although they are fun, it takes a lot of work. Here are tips on how you can pull off a memorable and fun Friendsgiving this year. 

It’s not a Friendsgiving without food. Here are a few ideas on food to cook for your potluck. Have each friend pick a dish to bring and share.

  1. Appetizers 

  1. Dinner Sides

  1. Dessert

Make your place look festive with decorations that match the holiday. Here are ways you can decorate your house on a budget. Decorating before the party can be the host’s job, or everyone can stop by earlier in the day to spruce things up.

  1. Centerpiece 

  • Put pumpkins around the middle and outline with a strand of lights

  • Cover the table with packing paper and draw lines by everyone’s spot to write what they are thankful for. 

  1. DIY Thanksgiving Wreath

  1. Around the house decorations 

Wondering how to make sure your friends have fun? Buy affordable games that will make anyone laugh and have fun. 

  1. Utter Nonsense 

  • All players use their given accent to say the saying that was given. Then, the judge decides who did the best. 

  1. What Do You Meme?

  • Everyone is given cards that have funny sayings on them. A player wins after the judge chooses who submitted the best caption card for the chosen meme. 

  1. Off Topic

  • Drawing a card sets the topic and rolling the die sets the letter the responses need to start with. After the time starts, everyone competes to have the most words. It can get pretty funny! 

  1. Do or Drink

  • This is an easy laid back game for ages 21 and older. The player who pulls the card has to do what it says, or else drink up! 

Before heading home for break this semester, have one last bash with your friends to celebrate Thanksgiving with food, games and festivities.