Players to watch: Baylor


Garrett Heyd/Iowa State Daily

Iowa State defensive end Will McDonald rushes the back field to force the sack against the University of Kansas on Nov. 23, 2019. 

Zane Douglas

Baylor: Terrel Bernard

Baylor will have a tough time on offense, especially with a poor pass protection, but defensively is where the Bears could thrive.

Bernard fits the mold of someone who would give Iowa State fits. Bernard is a pass rushing linebacker that has been effective in coverage as well, grabbing an interception and getting two pass breakups on the year.

His pass defense accolades don’t quite stack up to his 3.5 sacks, 5.5 tackles for loss and team-leading 47 total tackles.

Look for Iowa State’s pass protection and crossing routes to have a tough day against Baylor’s best defender in 2020.

Iowa State: Will McDonald IV

Defensive end Will McDonald IV is set to have a good game Saturday in Ames against Baylor’s offensive line and quarterback.

Besides Baylor’s game against Kansas, its pass protection hasn’t had a good season, giving up at least five sacks in every game so far.

The worst time the Bears have had is the 11 sacks they gave up against West Virginia, including 3.5 sacks to Darius Stills.

In five games this season, McDonald has 5.5 sacks and six tackles for loss. McDonald will also get the benefit of playing with JaQuan Bailey, who the Baylor pass protection will have to worry about as the all-time leader with sacks for Iowa State.

Expect McDonald to make a few big plays Saturday.