2020 holiday gift guide: What to gift your girlfriend


Impress your girlfriend with these creative gift ideas this year.

Sydney Novak

Looking for some gift inspiration for your girlfriend? Look no further! These gift ideas will fit any budget and interest.

Stuff she doesn’t know she wants

  1. This Etsy account sells pins or magnets of everyone’s favorite icons. For $10, she can have a heart-shaped pin with Dolly Parton, Lil Nas X or Lady Bird, from the movie “Lady Bird.” You can also have one custom-made of her cat or if you’re feeling extra bold, yourself!

  1. This charging stand would be a game changer for any person. For $28 on Amazon, this charging stand will charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods all at once with no cords. And it comes in different colors!

  1. In 2020, you can never have too many masks, and the more personalized they are, the better! This Etsy retailer will print the lower half of your face on a custom-made mask for $13. A super funny and thoughtful stocking stuffer that is sure to make her laugh. 

Gifts she can wear

  1. Gifting pajamas is a classic go to and a super appropriate gift to get your girlfriend. Whether you go for a more traditional pair of pajamas or something a little more romantic, this gift can be anywhere from $20-$50 depending on how much you want to spend. 

  1. These patchwork jeans recently started trending and come in a bunch of different colors. They’re available on Amazon for about $20 and something that will really make a statement in her wardrobe.

  1. If your girlfriend has a few ear piercings, this set includes eight different earrings she can wear all at once or separately. They are great to wear casually and have different types of earrings for each piercing.  

Gifts for the foodie girl

  1. If your girlfriend is a foodie, loves movies and TV, look no further. This cookbook is full of recipes from your favorite movies and TV shows you have always wanted to try. Bubba’s shrimp from “Forrest Gump” or the chocolate lava cake from the movie “Chef.” For only $14 on Amazon, make her one of the recipes and watch a movie the night you give it to her!

  1. For the fast food fiend or the girl that is always on the go, this cup holder tray is perfect for her. Keep your Taco Bell order organized by sorting the contents at the drive-thru and safely enjoy food on your road trip without rummaging through the bag.  

  1. Let her eat cake. Cake is the perfect way to celebrate any holiday, and for $52, this Etsy retailer lets you do so in style. You will receive four mini cakes in your choice of chocolate or vanilla and all things necessary to decorate them with. These are seriously adorable and not to mention will be so fun to decorate. Cake decorating contest?

Cosmetic gifts

  1. No holiday shopping guide is complete without some options for fragrance gifts. Right now, Zara has some really quality scents that are comparable to a lot more expensive perfumes. Zara’s Gardenia has been compared to Chance by Chanel as well as YSL’s Black Opium. These scents are reasonably priced and have great reviews.

  1. If your girl is a fiend for makeup or just someone who appreciates a little glitter, consider this really personalized gift. This makeup retailer allows you to customize your own eyeshadow palette, meaning you can pick the colors yourself. This is a really fun gift because you can pick the colors you like seeing her wear the best, and every time she uses it, she will think of you. Buxom is a little more on the expensive side, but plenty of other makeup brands offer similar things. 

  1. This gift would be a game changer for any girl and something they probably don’t even know they need. This makeup brush cleaner and dryer cleans your makeup brushes and dries them in minutes. This can be especially useful if your girlfriend lives in the dorms or shares a bathroom with a lot of people. This gift will cost $20.

Gifts for the creative

  1. If your girl is the more creative type, there are so many different ways to go when holiday shopping this season. One way that will make for a memorable holiday is to get her a disposable camera. This is a gift she will get to use through the holidays, but the real gift will be all the photos she has to remind her of the season. Only $12 at Walmart, but remember to give her money for when she gets them developed too!

  1. Has your girlfriend ever mentioned your rising sun sign to you? Does she constantly ask you what time you were born and exact location coordinates? Chances are, she’s interested in astrology. Whether she’s a Gemini or a Cancer, any girl will love this gift. This necklace shows the lunar phase the moon was in the day they were born. It’s a little different from the typical zodiac-inspired jewelry and a lit more personal. After shipping this gift will be roughly $25. 

  1. Give your girl something extra special and make something yourself. Whether you learn to crochet a hat, paint her a picture for her room or make her a necklace, the effort and thoughtfulness is something she will be extremely appreciative of. 

When shopping for your girl this holiday, remember the best gifts are the most personal. Whether it’s reminiscent of an inside joke between the two of you or something that just reminds you of her, be sure to add a personal touch.