The Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut review

Sydney Novak

This Halloween, Dunkin’ has added some additional treats to their usual seasonal menu items. Among the classic pumpkin spice lattes and apple cider munchkins, a new donut will be a bit spicier.

The Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut will be available nationwide at Dunkin’ until December and was launched Oct. 14.

According to a Dunkin’ press release, this limited time menu item is a regular donut with strawberry icing, cayenne and ghost pepper sprinkles. Dunkin’ is encouraging customers to use #DunkinSpicySide when posting their treats on social media.

Strawberry and ghost pepper is not a groundbreaking combination by any means, but adding a donut to the mix is definitely a new idea. This donut is 260 calories and will cost you $1.24. 

The word play on ghost for a Halloween menu item is a creative idea, and the donut itself is nothing short of that. 

When you first taste the donut, it has a sweet strawberry flavor that is short-lived before feeling the spice. It’s definitely a shock to feel the sensation of ghost pepper on your tongue where there is typically a sugar-filled donut flavor. 

Although the spice doesn’t make the donut taste bad, a fair criticism is that the taste of strawberry goes away after the first few bites. As the name suggests, it is a ghost pepper donut. 

Whether or not you enjoy spice, it’s safe to say this is an unconventional pairing. As exciting as it sounds, it falls a little short of expectations. Overall, the donut deserves a 6/10.