Pollard shares fan attendance plans for Iowa State basketball and more


Iowa State Athletic Director Jamie Pollard speaks to the crowd at the pep rally on Dec. 27, 2018.

Zane Douglas

Iowa State men’s and women’s basketball along with wrestling got a first look at what the fan situation would look like for their seasons in a letter from Iowa State Athletic Director Jamie Pollard on Monday.

The letter addressed how fan attendance at different sporting events would be handled moving forward following the first football game with fans against Oklahoma on Saturday.

Several weeks ago, we shared that an important factor for allowing fans at games was our confidence that you would adhere to our mitigation measures,” Pollard said in the letter. “We also asked for your support in creating a safe environment while giving our team an impactful home field advantage. You delivered! We should all take great pride in meeting those goals.”

The letter goes on to highlight the importance of safety at Saturday’s home game against Texas Tech, making it clear that fans need to keep following safety protocols — something Pollard said that “numerous peers around the nation shared how compliant our fan base appeared to be” for the game against the Sooners.

For men’s and women’s basketball, Pollard said his staff and the Big 12 are still working on the season schedule, but Iowa State will not sell season tickets for either program this season.

Pollard said that there are ongoing discussions about allowing a limited number of fans into the games and that if that were to occur, it will likely be around 10 percent capacity (close to 1,500 in attendance) and “tickets would be available to individuals who maintained their Cyclone Club donations during the pandemic.”

Wrestling and gymnastics also will likely not sell season tickets, but could allow some fans to attend. Both wrestling and gymnastics schedules are still being finalized.