Barker scores solo victory, Iowa State falls to Oklahoma in Big 12 Match Play


Lachlan Barker tees off on the first hole April 5, 2019, at Coldwater Golf Links.

Adarsh Tamma

The Iowa State men’s golf team was back in action on Friday in Houston, Texas, for its second tournament of the season.

The Cyclones took to the Houston Oaks course for the Big 12 Match Play Championship, a competition for all of the Big 12’s squads to face off against each other. Unlike a majority of tournaments, where the goal is to shoot for the lowest possible score overall, match play sees two teams of six golfers each playing head-to-head matches through one round of 18 holes.

Winning a hole means shooting a fewer amount of strokes than your opponent, and whoever wins the most amount of holes wins their match, with a tie being scrapped from the score card.

After having a break in the morning session, the Cyclones, who were given the ninth seed, took on top seed Oklahoma. Through 18 holes, Iowa State lost the overall matchup to the Sooners 4-1-1.

That lone victory for the Iowa State came from junior Lachlan Barker, who defeated Oklahoma sophomore Tucker Allen by a four holes to score for the Cyclones. The pair had a tight matchup, tying on seven holes, but Barker won holes 7, 8, 9, 10, 16 and 17 to come out with the win.

Elsewhere for Iowa State, senior All-American Tripp Kinney tied against Oklahoma Quade Cummins. Kinney, who was ranked No. 15 by the PGA Tour University Rankings at the start of the season, shot 68 for the round (par-71) and led Cummins by three holes through the first nine holes before losing holes 12, 16 and 17 to end the match in a tie.

The four other matchups for the Cyclones all ended in a loss.

Iowa State will return to the green Saturday to face West Virginia in the morning session, before taking on TCU in the afternoon session. Live updates can be seen on