Letter: Blue lives don’t exist


Letter writer Alexia Goldberg assuredly claims blue lives don’t exist. 

Alexia Goldberg

Say it with me: Black lives matter.

Not all lives matter.

Not “I respect Black lives.”

Not any statement that beats around the bush.

Black. Lives. Matter.

If you refuse to acknowledge that Black lives matter, you are racist.

I don’t care about why you won’t. I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care.

This letter is not about you. This letter is about the worst of the worst. The ones who try and claim that “blue” lives matter.

Let me fill you in: BLUE LIVES DO NOT EXIST. “Blue lives,” or police officers, are not a race or ethnicity. They aren’t even a minority group or protected class of people. The phrase “blue lives matter” is nothing more than a misappropriation of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Police are the oppressors and have never been oppressed a day in their lives.

But most of all, being a police officer is a choice. All they have to do is take their uniform off, and they aren’t “blue” anymore. Nobody can choose their race or ethnicity, and that is why we have the BLM movement.

If you don’t support the BLM movement, you are a racist. But if you dare think that “blue” lives matter, not only are you also a racist, but you are supporting the oppressors too.

Alexia Goldberg is a freshman in criminal justice studies.