Mountain Dew margarita review


PepsiCo,Red Lobster Seafood Co.

The DEWGarita is available exclusively at participating Red Lobster locations and will be available nationwide by the end of this year. 

Sydney Novak

The first ever Mountain Dew cocktail is now available exclusively at Red Lobster.

The Mountain Dew margarita, or “DEW-Garita,” is a new collaboration that rolled out this September. This is a celebration of the partnership between Red Lobster and PepsiCo and will be available nationwide by the end of this year. The drink is currently served at participating restaurants.

Mountain Dew has had exclusive drink collaborations with restaurants before, such as Baja Blast, which is available at Taco Bell. Bojangles also had a signature “southern punch” Mountain Dew drink this summer. “Sweet Lightning” Mountain Dew has been a permanent menu drink at KFC since 2019.

Outside of exclusive Mountain Dew beverages at restaurant franchises, Mountain Dew comes in a wide variety of flavors you can purchase at places where PepsiCo is distributed. 

For the margarita itself, we can only assume it has tequila and Mountain Dew in it, but some have speculated what other ingredients are included. One food critic believes you can make this drink at home using this recipe:

One-fourth of a cup of boiled Mountain Dew down to a syrup (let chill)

2 ounces of Blanco tequila 

Three-fourths of an ounce of lime juice 

Shake and pour over ice.

According to a Red Lobster press release, the margarita is paired perfectly with Red Lobster’s signature cheddar biscuits. This cocktail will cost you $8.99 and can be served either blended or on the rocks. The drink is served in a margarita glass with a sugar rim of red sprinkles.

The blended Mountain Dew margarita is a sweet drink. It might give you a little brain freeze, but the taste is a little more resemblant to the actual taste of Mountain Dew, and it has the same consistency as the Baja Blast at TacoBell. The Mountain Dew margarita on the rocks is a more traditional cocktail. It has a stronger taste of tequila and an almost syrup-like taste of Mountain Dew. 

As for the cheddar biscuits, the drinks actually paired well. This was not a terrible way to spend a Tuesday afternoon. According to the server at Red Lobster, some people have loved it and some have hated it, but most order the drink on the rocks.

Offering a Mountain Dew-flavored cocktail exclusively at a seafood restaurant franchise may seem like a less than perfect idea. When was the last time you ate shrimp and thought, “I wish I had a Mountain Dew mixed with tequila right now.”? Although the logic seems a little flawed, the two target demographics might cross over just enough for this to be successful. 

If you do decide to try this new cocktail, please remember to drink responsibility and keep in mind that this menu item is only available for customers who are 21 years of age or older.