2020 holiday gift guide: What to gift your mom


What to give your mom this holiday season.

Sydney Novak

These gift ideas are sure to impress even the most particular mothers with options for all different budgets, so make sure to show her some love this holiday.

Cosmetic and beauty gifts 

  1. Perfume is a classic gift to give mom for the holidays, so if your mom loves to smell like sugar and spice and all things sweet, consider this promotion at Sephora. For $68, you will receive a perfume sample set including 13 sample size fragrances. This includes a wide variety of fragrances and a redemption code for a free full-size bottle of your mom’s favorite scent from the sample. Most of these scents are designer, so a full bottle will typically retail anywhere from $60-$70. Although on the expensive side, this is a more cost-effective gift. 

  2. Moms do a lot and the holidays can stress out the most calm and collected moms, so make sure she takes some time to relax with this gel eye mask. For $10 on Amazon, you heat or freeze it and wear it to help with dry eyes, headaches, puffiness or sinuses. Find her fave slippers and spend the night watching her favorite TV show or movie.

Personal DIY gifts

  1. If you were born before the age of iPhones, chances are, somewhere in your basement are VHS tapes full of old home movies. If you have the time and a DVD/VHS player, you can record these onto blank DVDs that will run you about $12 on Amazon. This gift is truly priceless and it can be fun to watch your family celebrate Christmas in 2007 while it records. Label each DVD with its contents. If you don’t have the time for this, there are local businesses that will do it for you, price will vary depending on how much video you have. This will take time, so budget accordingly.

  2. Recreate an old family photo. Putting your bathing suit on and sitting in a bathtub with your adult age siblings is a small price to pay for this otherwise free gift. Framing the original and new photo next to each other will undoubtedly make her cry, so also bring some tissues. 

  3. Of all the gifts you could give your mother, spending time with her is the one she wants the most. Organizing a family night to bake cookies, watch a movie or play board games will mean the world to her. She is typically the one who plans and organizes, so be sure to take the lead and have the rest of the family help plan. Even if someone has to attend via Zoom, do your best to have your entire family there.

Beat social distancing boredom

  1. If your mom has been restless working from home, this gift might be perfect for her. An exercise desk bike allows her to pedal and stay active while she works. On the more expensive side, these usually don’t retail for less than $200. Splitting the cost with siblings or waiting for Black Friday promotions might save you some money on this gift. Similarly, working from home accessories like a laptop desk or headphones for her work calls will make working from home a little easier on her.

  2. If she hasn’t already read the book during quarantine, “Little Fires Everywhere is a novel she will love. While there may not be many holiday parties this year, she will appreciate having something to read while staying in. 

  3. For the more creative moms, opt for a coloring book or craft-oriented gift. These are available on Amazon but also usually the shelves of TJ Maxx. Complete with some colored pencils. 


  1. For the mom who loves cooking or food, consider gifting cookware this year. Le Creuset has amazing reviews and has a variety of different kitchen supplies, however it is more on the expensive side. Pioneer Woman is available at Walmart and Amazon and also well-rated.

  2. If your mom doesn’t have an air fryer yet, it’s time. This one on Amazon is $60 and comes in a variety of different colors to match the kitchen. These will fry your french fries, tofu or even bake your chocolate chip cookies in about 10-20 minutes and leave virtually no mess. 

  3. If your mom is a coffee lover, bring out her inner barista with an electric milk frother. For $14 on Amazon, this hand-held device will add foam to any of your coffee and cream beverages. Complete with a cute mug and this will save her trips to the drive-thru.

Fashion forward gifts

1. Add a little floral to your mom’s look with this Etsy necklace. For $35, this seller will customize a pendant necklace with the recipient’s birth flower, name and birthday. You can do more than one charm and opt for doing you and your siblings’ birth months too.

2. Update your mom’s social distancing wardrobe with some new loungewear. Whether it’s leggings or hoodies or a fluffy robe, she might need something new after wearing her slippers around all year. This $33 set on Amazon comes in 20 different colors and a variety of different sizes.  

3. Sunglasses are a perfect stocking stuffer and a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. These square sunnies on Amazon are $14 and come in several different colors. If you want to have extra fun, get yourself a matching pair. For reasons still unknown, moms love twinning.  

Gift your mom something special this holiday, whether it’s homemade, functional or fun, remind her how special she is to you. When you see her over break, be sure to spend time together and that alone will be what makes the season special.