How to style a slip dress

Since slip dresses are usually a thin material, it makes it easy to tuck into most pants. Wearing it as a shirt can make it a little more casual.

Sydney Novak

Slip dresses are great to style and super versatile. You can probably find a really unique dress in the lingerie and pajama section of Goodwill and The Salvation Army if you look. If you have lacey slip dresses or old lingerie sitting in the back of your closet, give it a new life with these style tips.

1. Wear it as a shirt or dress

An obvious style is to wear the dress plain. The slip dress might pair well with printed or colored tights and can be dressed up or down depending on the shoes you go with. A silk dress is easy to tuck into pants without being too bulky. Tying it over a bralette or camisole and wearing it with a skirt or shorts can make for a super casual but trendy look.

2. Layer something over it

One of the easiest ways to style a slip dress is by layering a shirt, jacket or even another dress over it. This can take your outfit in a lot of different directions depending completely on what you use to layer. Layering a cropped shirt over it can give it a dressier look, but a graphic tee might make it a little more casual. A leather jacket or mesh overlay makes it a little more feminine and flirty. 

3. Layer something under it

A collared shirt underneath the dress can give the dress a more put together, even preppy look. This can all be balanced with the shoes and accessories you style with. Layering with a monochromatic color scheme or mixing prints will give your outfit a really fun, younger look. Using a turtleneck can also make the dress more appropriate for fall and winter weather.