Gridiron Staff Picks: TCU

Sports Editor Zane Douglas is a junior in journalism and mass communication.

 Zane Douglas, Sports editor (0-1)

Iowa State 42, TCU 14

Alright, I’m going bold on this one, but after what Iowa State did to the Horned Frogs last season and seeing who left them, it shouldn’t be a close game. Iowa State is much better than TCU.

The game one performance will be something they’ll need to shake, but if tight end Charlie Kolar and offensive lineman Trevor Downing make their returns, this will not be close.

TCU will either start Max Duggan or someone else, but Duggan had a rough 2019, and anyone in a competition with him likely won’t carve up the Cyclone secondary.

The defense will be on and the offense will bounce back for a dominant performance over the Horned Frogs.

 Matt Belinson, Assistant sports editor (0-1)

Iowa State 24, TCU 14

Well, week one was a surprise.

The Cyclones started their season off bad, no question about it, but there’s nothing like a two-week bye week to get things straightened up. For the Cyclones’ sake, they had a lot of needed fixing.

While I think the issues on offense and special teams won’t magically go away once the game kicks off Saturday, I still think no matter what Iowa State looks like, it has to be better than what TCU has to offer.

Purdy and offense will get back on track and put up some more comfortable numbers than what we saw during week one. And I wouldn’t be shocked if the defense for the Cyclones comes away with its first takeaway of the season, given all of the youth on the Horned Frogs’ offense. This won’t be anything like Iowa State’s blowout win over TCU last season, especially if Iowa State’s issues roll over from week one.

Stephen McDaniel, Assistant sports editor (0-1)

Iowa State 28, TCU 17

Louisiana was something, wasn’t it? Anyway, that game is behind us, and the sole focus is on TCU. Iowa State can’t lose this one.

The Cyclones had a nice bye week to work out the issues that plagued them in their season opener against the Ragin’ Cajuns. On the other hand, TCU is heading into the weekend to play its first game of the season after its season opener was postponed due to COVID-19.

I fully expect the Cyclones’ offense to still have a little rust, but it’ll perform much better than week one. Brock Purdy and company should have an easier time getting the wheels to turn, especially if they can get Charlie Kolar and Trevor Downing back.

Iowa State’s defense should shine once again and do its part to slow down a TCU offense that hasn’t had the chance to play in a real game this season.

Zach Martin, Columnist (0-1)

Iowa State 21, TCU 6

So, about that week one performance — I agree, let’s not talk about that.

Iowa State heads on the road for the first time against a TCU team that has won its last 18 home openers, tied for the eighth-longest streak in the nation. The Horned Frogs have not played a snap this year, so film on them is abysmal at best.

The Horned Frogs will likely start redshirt sophomore Matthew Downing, who has thrown for 88 career yards. All of them came in his initial season in Fort Worth and hasn’t seen the field since.

Know what that means? JaQuan Bailey will get the sack and tackles for loss career record, Greg Eisworth gets two interceptions and the defense controls the game.

Purdy does just enough to scrape by on offense, and the Cyclones head into Oklahoma week feeling better about themselves.

Madison Mason, Diversity news editor

Iowa State 27, TCU 20

I’ll be honest, I’m not a football person… or, rather, a sports person at all. However, when I started working in radio, I started getting way too invested in football plays. But I am by no means a reliable source. Also, I’m completely a “Debbie Downer” when it comes down to it, so I’m almost positive that every time Iowa State plays, they’re gonna lose. 

However, as we enter this game, and after some extensive research on both teams, and by extensive research I mean that I looked up way too many other predictions for the game, I came to the conclusion that I think Iowa State is going to pull this one out — not by much, though. I’ll be cheering for the Cyclones in hopes that they will be leaving the Horned Frogs in the dust, but I guess we’ll see.