DIY tips for your apartment and dorm


Accent walls can easily be achieved without using paint by printing off images or covering your wall with posters.

Sierra Hoeger

With the recent increase of free time due to COVID-19, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects have kept many busy during isolation. 

Stores such as Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Menards and Home Depot followed safety protocols throughout the pandemic in order to remain open to provide supplies for those wanting to do crafts or home projects. 

Creating an accent wall is one of the most popular ways to change a room in your house or apartment around. One popular way to do so — especially in a rented apartment — is printing aesthetic images that match your room or that you like and putting them on your wall, creating a pleasing collage to look at. 

Another way to create an accent wall is to section off geometric shapes using painter’s tape and painting each triangle or shape a different color, making the accent wall a perfect place for photo ops and compliments from guests. You can either use a single color or colors that go along with the theme of the room you’re painting. 

A third and final idea is to create a “sponge wall.” Choosing a single paint color, you’ll want to line the paint on the edge of the sponge and press it on your wall, creating vertical lines. Leave only a little bit of room in between each line, depending on how much negative space you want surrounding the lines. 

Going thrifting or to estate sales and seeing what second-hand pieces of furniture you can modernize or give a new look to is a good way to create a one-of-a-kind piece nobody else will own.

Dressers, nightstands, coffee tables and mirrors are all popular pieces you’re guaranteed to find at your local Goodwill or garage sale. Painting the piece of furniture a color that matches other decor in your apartment or house and adding unique knobs or handles transforms the piece.

A simple way to create the illusion of a larger space is by adding a mirror. A recent DIY trend that has taken over TikTok is creating a foam border around a mirror. To do so, you’ll need a mirror of any size, insulation foam, mirror cleaner and gloves if you prefer. 

After practicing on a paper towel or disposable surface and perfecting the look you want down, begin spraying the insulated foam on the edges of the mirror. Add a second layer if you want the foam to be bulky and thick.

Lay the mirror out to dry for about an hour, and after it’s done drying, it’s ready to be hung or placed in a room. You can also paint the foam for a pop of color.

Creating DIY home projects can take a lot of time and planning, but when working on a college budget, price of materials can be one of the biggest factors. Making timeless pieces that reflect your style will help to spruce up your space in an inexpensive way and have guests complimenting you regularly.