Autumn-inspired date ideas


Fall is commonly referred to as “cuffing season” for being the perfect time to go on dates and enjoy fall weather with someone.

Sydney Novak

Autumn is finally among us, and fall-inspired dates will soon replace summer ice cream runs. Coming up with new date ideas can be challenging, but here are a few to get you started. 

      1. Hammocking and charcuterie

Packing a Tupperware container full of salami, cheeses, crackers and bread will make for a cozy fall afternoon on campus. Bring a hammock and some blankets to spread out and make a playlist to listen to.

      2. Scary movie night, but raise the stakes

Watching scary movies is a classic fall date idea. Make it a little more interesting by watching a new movie you haven’t seen and placing bets on which character will be murdered first. Set the stakes as high or low as you would like.

For a 21+ movie night, make it interesting and drink whenever you see a hot girl get murdered, any kind of possessed-looking doll or when the call actually came from inside the house.

      3. Fall photoshoot

This idea might seem obvious, but walking around looking for scenic backgrounds and finding the prettiest tree on campus will turn into a bit of a scavenger hunt! Bonus points if you get a fall-flavored coffee first, thrift a new sweater or spot the albino squirrel while you’re walking. You might even get some Instagram-worthy pics.

      4. Halloween costume shopping

What better way to get creative and get to know someone than by searching for Halloween costumes together? Even if you don’t go in a couples costume, helping your date scour Salvation Army in search of a pair of Cupid or angel wings will make for a fun challenge. 

A second date to this is to DIY the costumes and add the finishing touches. If everything goes well, you might even be exclusive by Halloween.

      5. Baking

Who doesn’t love fall desserts? Whether you prefer apple pie, pumpkin bread or just decorated Halloween cookies, having a baking date will make for something super sweet. 

Something equally as thoughtful is just making your crush a dessert and surprising them! It’s such a genuine and thoughtful thing to do that doesn’t require a lot of effort. Who knows? They might return the favor. 

Don’t feel like any of these ideas need to be romantic or exclusively for your significant other. Invite a new friend to get to know them, or just take yourself on a date. There are so many ways to enjoy fall with or without a significant other!