TCU football players boycott practice in protest of head coach Gary Patterson

TCUs logo. The Horned Frogs agreed to join the Big 12 on Monday
night, Oct. 10, 2011. 

TCU’s logo. The Horned Frogs agreed to join the Big 12 on Monday night, Oct. 10, 2011. 

Sam Stuve

In a tweet on Monday, TCU linebacker Dylan Jordan said that players had skipped practice in protest of head coach Gary Patterson. 

The situation between Jordan and Patterson supposedly started with Patterson bringing up (in front of the team) Jordan posting a picture of his girlfriend on social media over the weekend. The conversation then supposedly led to the two talking about Jordan saying the N-word in a meeting and led to a unknown amount of players boycotting the teams practice on Monday. 

Some teammates later tweeted responses to this tweet.

According to Yahoo! Sports, in a tweet that’s since been deleted “Artayvious Lynn, a senior tight end, wrote on Twitter that Patterson told Jordan to “stop saying n-word” in meetings. When Jordan replied, “What?” that’s when Patterson said, “you’ve been saying [racial slur] in meetings,” according to Lynn.”

Some other players also tweeted.

Lynn also tweeted a full response to Monday’s tweets.

He said the use of the N-word is not acceptable no matter the context. He also said that Patterson was trying to get Jordan to stop using the N-word. He said that he has experienced racism while at TCU but has never been called the N-word by a coach. 

Lynn elaborated on why some players did skip practice, saying they were have a discussion with Patterson, according to Football Scoop.

He also said that the word was unacceptable to use regardless of context.

Lynn said that Patterson was talking to the team about ways to move forward and that the team also asked Patterson to stop saying “I don’t see color” because he has to. 

He said that he felt that Patterson understood that he couldn’t use the word regardless.

Lynn wrote “Coach P has allowed us to plan something that speaks volumes against racism” and that they were somethings that he never thought would be possible. 

Lynn ended the tweet by saying that, “Trying to get over 400 years of trauma isn’t a easy take, we must all be open-minded and mindful of each other period.”

He said, “We can’t be one-sided about anything” and “We need change like now!”

Former TCU defensive back Niko Small also tweeted, saying that Patterson has used racial slurs in front of the team.

The tweet, that was posted on Monday has since been deleted, which Small says was done by accident and that everything he said was still true.

According to Horned Frog Blitz, a 247sports page focused on TCU sports, Sophomore cornerback Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson and senior linebacker Garret Wallow, said that Patterson hasn’t called a play a racial slur.

Wallow said, “People gone believe what they believe and take information they heard and ride with it. Just make sure you know what you talking bout because nobody on the team was called the N word.”

Tomlinson said, “Don’t believe everything you see in the media, know the facts behind a situation before you try to make a situation public. No one was called the N word.”