Letter: Take a step back and recognize


Letter writer Emily Coghill urges for reflection of livelihood and prosperity. 

Emily Coghill

With the spread of coronavirus that has taken the globe by storm, I think it is safe to say now is a good time to step back and take a look at the things we have taken for granted in our everyday life. In this case, one could easily point out vaccines and the easy access we have to them, food or even clean drinking water has been something we Americans have long taken for granted.

In many parts of the world, these things do not exist so easily. Many people do not know when they will eat next, drink next or if they will recover from the illness that has taken over their body. Though America does help tremendously in overseas aid, when compared to European countries, the total per capita is less.

America significantly lacks in providing funding to the foreign aid budget, and even now, government officials work to reduce that number even more. It is critical to not only the world but to the U.S. this does not happen. Helping these developing countries will not only make the U.S. an international leader but will also increase national security, create more U.S. jobs and fight against future pandemics.

Obviously, all the reasons listed above provide enough of an argument to preserve the foreign aid budget, there is one bigger reason that tops them all: it is simply humanitarian. Though there are many things happening in the world today, sometimes it is a good thing to step back and recognize where you stand in the world.

Emily Coghill is a senior in public relations.