Letter: We need mandatory testing


Letter writer Lucas Simpson encourages Iowa State to mandate weekly testing. 

Lucas Simpson

We need mandatory testing more than once a week for all students. It is shocking that this university could be so precarious with its students’ health and the health of Ames residents.

After “801 day,” it has been made clear students at this university, sadly, cannot be held responsible. This has proven mandatory testing is the only way in which we can ensure this semester continues past next week.

Writing an email to students threatening suspension does absolutely nothing. We need real leadership and a firm stance on this. We cannot allow students to continue to act this way because people will die.

People that had no part to 801 day now have to go to class, shop for groceries, eat at restaurants and etc. where these locations are full of people who partied in groups of hundreds.

At the University of Illinois, they now have spit tests that deliver the results by the end of the day for most cases. On top of that, they have mandatory testing twice a week and workers have to test every other day. Iowa State, do something or watch as more and more people die for absolutely no reason at all.

Lucas Simpson is a junior in psychology.