Making sure your cosmetics are sustainable


EcoTools is a sustainable and cruelty-free makeup brush company.

Sydney Novak

Shopping for ethically sourced or sustainable cosmetics can seem difficult for those who are on a budget or concerned about the quality of the products they use. However, keeping conscious of where your makeup is coming from isn’t as hard as you might think.  

“When a product is cruelty-free, it really is not affecting the quality of the product,” said Lexie Thompson, a student at PCI Academy. “It just strictly means that they are not using animals in an inhumane way to test products.”

 Makeup brushes 

If you want to find cosmetic brushes that aren’t made from animal fur or wrapped in excessive plastic, Lexie suggests EcoToolsEcoTools is a vegan brand that can be found at Target. These brushes are affordable, and they are packaged in biodegradable paper. 

“There are definitely a lot of affordable options,” Thompson said. “If you don’t want to go to Ulta or Sephora, Walmart and Target even have products available.”


Sea Witch Botanicals is a brand that packages their products in reusable materials. The price point of this brand is a little higher, but Thompson said she would recommend this brand because it’s homemade and vegan. 

They also don’t use plastic packaging; it’s all either glass or something that you probably want to reuse and not throw away.


Whethe you wear glitter for game day or you wear it everyday, glittery makeup looks are fun but also not great for the environment. Eco Glitter Fun is a brand that sells biodegradable glitter for every occasion and use. Their packaging is also biodegradable, and their mission is to reduce plastic pollution while still being sparkly. 

“Glitter is actually an environmental issue because it’s microscopic plastics that are a waste in our ocean,” Thompson said. 


Kevin Murphy is a brand that Thompson would recommend if you are looking for sustainable hair products.

“They are cruelty-free, they use eco-heads in their salons to reduce excessive waste and all of their products are packaged from recycled plastic,” Thompson said.

She said she also loves the quality and the way their products smell. 

There are also brands to steer clear of when you are trying to be more environmentally conscious. Unfortunately, a lot of drug store brand cosmetics are tested on animals or packaged in plastic.

“I would try to stay away from L’Oreal Paris,” Thompson said. “CoverGirl straight up doesn’t care about animal cruelty, but they also don’t care about their plastic use, like, in any way at all.”

Another great way to look for cruelty-free and sustainable products is to shop locally or on Esty. These retailers are usually small business owners who produce products on a much smaller and more sustainable scale and likely use fewer ingredients than bigger brands.