Teske: Where to shop for Iowa State apparel


Barefoot Campus Outfitter Ames located on Lincoln Way

Megan Teske

So you’re starting at Iowa State in the fall but have little to no Cyclone gear to show your Cyclone spirit. You figured you would get it when you visited Ames for summer orientation, but that was all online, so now what? 

Lucky for all incoming freshmen, you will not be stuck with just the free shirts they hand out at Destination Iowa State because there are a plethora of stores you can get your apparel at.

Barefoot Campus Outfitter

One of my favorite places to go for my Cyclone apparel is Barefoot Campus Outfitter, located on Lincoln Way across the street from the Memorial Union. I like to stop in and see what new clothing they have in store every once in a while. The store has lots of variety for people to choose from — sweatshirts, T-shirts, hats, etc. — they will even cut your shirt for you at no additional cost. However, it can get a little pricey, but they will typically have an under $20 section in the store as well as a sale rack. 

Iowa State University Bookstore

Another place I like to go for apparel is the ISU Bookstore, located right in the Memorial Union. Sometimes I’ll stop in just to kill time and browse. This is another store that has a lot of variety for men and women to choose from, with multiple different brands as well. Depending on what you buy, the pricing at the Bookstore will range from fairly inexpensive to more expensive as you start to look at more name brand items. They will also have certain items on sale some weeks for different sporting events that tend to be cheaper options. So once you go to the Bookstore to buy or rent your textbooks, take a look around at all the other items and apparel they have to offer.  

Cy’s Locker Room

Cy’s Locker Room on Duff Avenue is yet another store where you will find plenty of options to load yourself up with Cyclone spirit. They have apparel for men, women and children as well as accessories and tailgate games if that is what you are looking for. They have a range of prices, but T-shirts will typically range from $20-$40, to give you an idea of the prices, unless you look at the clearance section where they may have items up to 80 percent off.  

Strawberry Patch

The Strawberry Patch in North Grand Mall is the last store that is just for apparel, however, they do sell other schools’ apparel besides Iowa State. They have a large variety of Iowa State apparel to look through and at slightly lower prices than some of the stores listed above. Although they sell things for other schools, you will find a large portion of the store is for Iowa State items. 


Target, Walmart and Hy-Vee will also have a section of Iowa State apparel you can look at if you are ever out shopping at any of the three places. While the options may not be as expansive as other stores that are solely for ISU apparel and gear, it is worth taking a look at if you are out and about. The prices may be lower here than some of the other stores and you may even find something you had not yet seen before.