Letter: We have options to rename Catt Hall


Letter writer Chris Johannsen proclaims we have options concerning renaming Catt Hall and we should. 

Chris Johannsen

The recent initiative to rename Catt Hall has been overdue. The Iowa State community needs to be forward thinking and understand our campus is what we choose to do with it. Renaming Catt Hall is a great way to help better our campus climate, especially for people of color.

With that said, I do believe the initiative isn’t calling for enough. I believe we should demand not only renaming Catt Hall, but demand the building be renamed to honor an individual who helped further women of color. My suggestion would be to honor Charlotte H. Bruner, a scholar who devoted most of her career to promoting and translating the work of African women writers.

With that said, I’m sure there are many other important figures in Iowa State’s history who fit this criteria. Through this demand, the initiative becomes much more constructive than it is destructive.

Chris Johannsen is a senior in computer engineering and philosophy.