Your horoscopes for the weekend


Horoscopes Design

Your weekend horoscope may have the advice you’ve been needing lately, even if you didn’t know you were searching for it. 

Aries: Lately, you’ve been feeling especially capable and courageous. Stop apologizing for it! Be proud of your capabilities. 

Taurus: You’ve noticed a lot of uncertainty lately, which is normal at this time. Don’t take it too seriously, everything will fall into place soon enough. 

Gemini: Usually you’re a social butterfly, but lately you just want to stay home. That’s OK! Put your energy toward what makes you feel best. 

Cancer: You feel like you’ve been missing something lately. Take time to do some soul searching and discuss with friends, maybe you’ll find it. 

Leo: Positive energy has been abundant in your life lately, and it’s time to take advantage of it. Take that risk you’ve been thinking about. 

Virgo: A lot has been coming your way lately. Take it as a chance to lead by example and show others how to handle craziness gracefully. 

Libra: It’s time to start valuing your time more. Don’t waste it on someone who isn’t putting the same amount of energy into a relationship as you are. 

Scorpio: You’ve been really motivated lately, use it while you can! Take time to start new positive habits and improve your day-to-day life. 

Sagittarius: Whether you’ve noticed it or not, you’ve got a lot of people looking up to you. Set a good example for them, especially the younger ones. 

Capricorn: Be aware of what your partner wants in any type of relationship. While it might not be an issue now, it could cause some in the future. 

Aquarius: Be prepared to meet new people who might be very impactful to you. Making good first impressions is more valuable than you may think. 

Pisces: Take pride in your plans and ambitions. Don’t let others put you down, they just don’t see the vision like you do.