Your horoscopes for the weekend


Horoscopes Design

Now may be the time for exploring the many possibilities the universe holds for you. Reading your horoscope could give you some beneficial insights. 

Aries: Don’t feel discouraged if your social life hasn’t been as crazy as usual. Slowing down can be a good thing, take time to focus on you!

Taurus: You’re ready for something new but waiting for the perfect time. News flash: there is no perfect time. Take the leap! 

Gemini: You deserve a break. Take time for yourself this weekend to give yourself the self-care you’ve been craving and needing.  

Cancer: You’ve got a few things to figure out soon, but don’t know where to start. Try talking or writing things out. 

Leo: Someone or something has sparked your attention lately. Now is the time to pursue new goals and get inspired.

Virgo: You’ve been searching for new inspirations lately. Try exploring different cultures, you might be surprised what can come of it. 

Libra: The term “opposites attract” has been ringing true in your life lately. Trust your intuition on this and test the theory. 

Scorpio: Stop letting people put you through an extended period of uncertainty. It’s OK to ask directly for what you need and deserve. 

Sagittarius: You haven’t been able to work too diligently lately. What’s on your mind? Handling it will take a lot of weight off your shoulders you didn’t realize you were carrying. 

Capricorn: Pay attention to those who make you laugh right now. At the moment, finding the fun may seem difficult, so focus on those who have it. 

Aquarius: Don’t let people’s assumptions get in the way of your confidence today. Let your true colors shine.  

Pisces: You’ve been craving a new kind of independence lately. Whether it be a big move or a swift change, explore your options.