Your horoscopes for the weekend


Horoscopes Design

Your energy has been in the right place recently, keep it there! Reading your horoscope can help you do just that. 

Aries: You may not like the things you hear about today, especially because they’re not true. Set people straight and let them know the real you. 

Taurus: You’ve pulled someone in with your flirtatious charm, but that can’t keep a relationship steady forever. It’s time to use your intellect and logic. 

Gemini: Don’t let rank intimidate you too much today. Respect their position, but know you are capable as well! Speak up for yourself. 

Cancer: Don’t forget your commitments today. While you may feel ready for new obstacles, don’t leave your promises unkept. 

Leo: You’ve noticed your ego changing lately, it’s in a more positive place. Use this for good! People will notice your positive change. 

Virgo: Realize that not everyone who criticizes you is telling the truth. Don’t let your ego take over, but know that jealousy may be a factor in another’s hurtful words. 

Libra: You’ve noticed the energy clashing in an important relationship of yours lately. Put yourself in their shoes before you let yourself get upset and ruin things. 

Scorpio: You may feel like things have been going unbelievably well in your life lately, but don’t jinx it! Your energy is just in the right place, keep it that way. 

Sagittarius: You may be exposed to something new today that isn’t usually your beat. Instead of criticizing it, make it an opportunity for new inspiration. 

Capricorn: Don’t doubt your relationship today. While others may have pessimistic things to say, don’t let it get to you. Others might not understand, but you do. 

Aquarius: Use your willpower today! You’ve been on a track for success lately, but temptations are arising. Be able to realize that is not what you want and keep going. 

Pisces: You haven’t let out your playful side in a while, maybe now is the time. Let someone else handle things for a bit, you’re allowed to take a break and let loose.