Editorial: We report and we discuss


The ISD Editorial Board clarifies their position within journalism and their intents to help their community. 

Editorial Board

Since 1890, the Iowa State Daily has played a special role in providing unbiased information to the community in the areas of news, sports, entertainment and much more.

Our job at the Iowa State Daily is: 1) to state the facts and then 2) to discuss them within opinion. We gather and report topics we believe are the most relevant to you. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic affects the world in many respects. Hence, we would conduct in-depth research on the topic through analyzing and evaluating not just one newspaper article that is biased to one side, but a variety of reliable sources. As a group, we discuss the information through our commentary and opinions and attempt to convene on a consensus. We do it for you. We want to offer you the best option and guidance we can based off of these sources and our own personal opinions. 

Our background and experiences definitely influence our opinions as well. So, it is important to always discuss with the board members. Having more people on the Editorial Board offers the opportunity to make sure our opinion is not biased. The opinion section is the only place where commentary and discussion can be made, so we try to take advantage of our voices to be able to help our respective communities. 

As journalists, we also have the responsibility to report the truth. We are gatekeepers of information. We are not here to tell you what to do or report every bit of information — although we do try our best to cover what we can. So it is especially important that we provide the facts so the reader can be more logical and think from their own perspective in order to formulate their own opinion on the reported topics. This truth can be varied from person to person. 

We encourage you to form your own perspective based on not only the information we give you, but on the information you find on your own time. If any reader has a question on either the accuracy or the bias of something we have reported, they can contact us with their concerns. If you want to see more representation of other ideas, we also encourage this type of feedback. 

We are here for you and to help in the best way we can, nothing less and nothing more.