Letter: This is not the land of the free


Geoff Livingston

Letter writer Kathryn Titus deems why the U.S. is not, and never has been, the land of the free. 

Kathryn Titus

America, who are we? Land of the free? Think again.

If you care more about the looting and riots in Minneapolis than you do about George Floyd being killed like a dog in the street — you are an oppressor.

If you are a police officer silencing the media by arresting a Black reporter with a press pass — you are an oppressor.

If you are the president of the United States and your response to this series of tragedies is a tweet saying “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” — You, Mr. President, are an oppressor.

If you have forgotten about the men, women and children left in cages at the border because they are not citizens — you are an oppressor.

If you are staying silent because you don’t want to make someone angry or upset, if you stand by and watch men be slain by the police, if you allow the government to silence us, you are an oppressor.

Stand up for your neighbors, stand up for your friends. Stand up for people of a different gender, race, sexual orientation or identity. Stand up and speak out, because who knows how much longer we as citizens of the United States have to do so.

If you are an ally use your voice and call for justice for George Floyd. Let your voice be heard that you do not stand for violence and police brutality. Call because Derek Chauvin is a murderer. Call.

Call Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz:

(651) 201-3400

Call Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison:

(651) 296-3353

Call Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman:

(612) 348-5550 or (612) 348-2146