Summer beauty must-haves


A few of the recommended summer beauty must-haves.

Sierra Hoeger

As seasons change and nail and beauty salons remain closed until it’s safe to reopen, many are left wondering how to keep up with their beauty routines. 

In the beginning of quarantine, videos swarmed TikTok and Twitter of individuals attempting — but failing — to cut their hair. Spouses would give each other bowl cuts, fathers would attempt to finally learn how to braid their daughters hair as hair cutters and cosmetologists watched in horror. 

The trick to keeping your locks long and healthy in between stretches of receiving a salon haircut is a good comb or brush. In order to salvage healthy hair (or hair that has seen the worst of quarantine), stylists recommend investing in a Wet Brush.

A Wet Brush is pretty self-explanatory — it’s a brush to use when your hair is wet. The Wet Brush helps to avoid breakage that often happens when one is combing their hair post-shower with typical brushes or combs. 

This brush can come in handy when dealing with knots or tangles after a beach day or post-pool lounge. 

Typically during the summer and warmer months, hair naturally tends to get lighter thanks to the exposure to sunlight. While many prefer to have their hair highlighted by the professionals, Sun Bum makes it easy to turn your hair from sandy to beach blonde with just a few sprays. 

Their Blonde Hair Lightener made with honey, lemon and pineapple perfectly complements the highlighting done by the sun. Sun Bum’s Browning Lotion and Tanning Oil are also substitutes for the tanning bed many are longing for. 

Rose water spray not only helps with redness, balancing out pH levels and leaving you feeling refreshed, it’s an inexpensive solution to many problems the warm weather introduces. 

While it can’t help to manage redness brought on by sunburns, it can help with redness brought on by acne irritation and those who fall victim to picking at their zits. 

If your skin feels extra oily after applying moisturizer, rose water can help dry the skin and help restore it to its natural pH levels. Whether it’s feeling extra dry or super slimy, a couple spritzes of rose water will help turn it around. 

Rose water is also a natural refresher. Although this one doesn’t come in options such as strawberry acai or mango dragon fruit lemonade, rose water will help you after a long, exhausting day. Whether spraying it before applying makeup or after your makeup has been on your face for a few hours, the contents help to tone, soften and brighten the skin. 

Mario Badescu has facial sprays that include aloe as one of the main ingredients, which is perfect for relaxing redness. 

For the summertime and warmer months, it’s best to use a lightweight moisturizer that won’t leave your face feeling cakey or heavy. The last thing anyone wants is a droopy face during that outdoor concert or amusement park day. 

Lightweight moisturizers are often water-based to help hydrate the skin. 

Another small must-have for the summertime and warmer months is an SPF lip balm. Brands such as Burt’s Bees, Sun Bum, Glossier, Chapstick and Neutrogena produce balms in different shades and tones to match any lip color. 

Although hair and beauty salons are offering a limited number of appointments, there are many ways to keep up with your beauty routines as seasons change.