Weekend horoscopes


Horoscopes Design

Sydney Novak

Your horoscopes for Finals Week are here! What do the stars have in store for you?

Aries: Stressing over your tests and assignments isn’t going to be worth it for you. Try taking a more relaxed approach, by practicing self-care, balance and love. Respecting your mental health will reward you.

Taurus: Good news for you is right around the corner. Whether it’s an aced final or an internship acceptance, expect to hear great news soon!

Gemini: Friends can be a distraction for you during this time, so remember it’s OK to be a little distant. Take some time to focus on yourself and evaluate your goals. If you have good friends, they will totally respect that. 

Cancer: The pressure of exams has gotten to you already. Remember test scores aren’t the most important thing in the world and you are valued no matter what your grade is.  

Leo: Avoid looking for the correct answer on the internet. You probably have a friend who would be happy to help you and has been hoping you would reach out. Take this opportunity to rekindle an old friendship.

Virgo: Keep up the hard work! You have been killing it lately in the academic and professional realm. You have yourself to thank for your success, but also remember that friend who has been there for you through it all. Do something nice for them this week to remind them you appreciate them!

Libra: You have had a lot of personal conflicts recently, but that doesn’t mean more are ahead. Try to avoid the drama by focusing on school work. It might really change how you have been feeling lately.

Scorpio: This month is going to be full of distractions for you, which might make it difficult for you to study. But don’t feel like you need to lock yourself away from all the fun. Try managing your distractions and studies. You might be surprised how easy it is. 

Sagittarius: This week it will be easier than ever for you to put your personal relationships on the back burner. Studying should always be a priority, but you need to be there for friends and family. It’s great that you are motivated to do well, just remember to keep lines of communication open.

Capricorn: You might already feel disappointed now that Finals Week is here, but you shouldn’t! Time management will be key to keeping your life running smoothly. Remember to keep your goals in mind and prioritize your studies.

Aquarius: It’s no secret this week has been stressful for you. Work and school are getting to be overwhelming, but this week won’t last forever. There is no shame in just trying to take it day by day.

Pisces: You might be surprised when you find some romance in the midst of everything this week. Whether it’s a study date or an old flame, remember to prioritize school work before looking for romance!