Jack Trice Stadium offers drive-up Wi-Fi


Iowa State Athletics and Information Technology Services have teamed up to offer drive-up Wi-Fi in certain parking lots at Jack Trice Stadium.

Stephen Mcdaniel

Iowa State University’s campus is feeling the effect of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with many students and staff returning home and leaving Iowa State’s campus barren after the decision to push classes online in order to help prevent the spread of the virus.

The decision to make classes online originally started as a two-week period following spring break but has quickly turned into online classes for the remainder of the spring semester. Because of this, students and staff aren’t able to rely on using the Wi-Fi networks on campus.

Accommodations have been made for the students and staff that remain in Ames, Iowa, that may not have access to a reliable Wi-Fi network.

Iowa State Athletics and the Information Technology Services reached an agreement on a partnership that temporarily allows Jack Trice Stadium to offer a free drive-up internet connection in three lots.

The three lots that offer the drive-up Wi-Fi are lots 85E (east of the Olsen Building), S7 (east of Jack Trice and next to Gate 2) and S3 (most southeastern lot and next to the Sukup End Zone Club entrance).

Using an Iowa State Net-ID login, students and staff are able to have a remote access to the Eduroam network from their vehicles.

It’s suggested that lot S7 would be the best option in terms of connection, but all three lots will be able to provide the Wi-Fi for those in need.

It’s been highly encouraged that those visiting the lots to use the Wi-Fi should still heed to social distancing rules and remain at least six feet from each other.