Rough start for Cyclone softball

Shortstop Sami Williams returns the ball to the mound in the top of the seventh inning during Iowa State’s loss to Texas Tech. Iowa State lost to Texas Tech 8-4 on March 31, dropping their record to 18-15 overall and 1-5 in Big 12 play. 

Ellie Bousson

The Cyclones started off the weekend in Florida battling the University of Wisconsin and the University of South Florida. They lost 6-7 to the Badgers and 0-4 to University of South Florida. 

The Cyclones came out strong to start the day, in the first inning Sami Williams hit a bomb over center field to take the lead for the Cyclones. The Badgers answered back.

In the bottom of the first inning, the Badgers came in hot, Junior Taylor Johnson smashed a three run home run to take a deep lead for Wisconsin. 

Williams showed up for her team, to rattle the Badgers she hit another RBI single home run, allowing another opportunity for the Cyclones to take advantage. 

Going into the fourth inning, the Cyclones down 6-2 with bases two bases loaded, Logan Schaben singled down the right side, advancing to second and allowing Skyler Ramos to score. 

The Cyclones fought hard to come back from a far deficit, in the fifth inning, Morgan Wright drove a single through right field and advanced Mikayla Ramos to third and Alesia Ranches scored. 

The Badgers ended the game with a home run and won 7-6.

The second game of the day against University of South Florida was no better. The Cyclones lost 0-4 to the Bulls. 

The Cyclones were completely shut out by the Bulls, barely making it on base and never earning a run throughout the whole game. 

The University of Florida defeated Iowa State 4-0 by end of the fifth inning. 

The Cyclones will now face the University of Massachusetts at 10:30 am. Saturday.