Day Without Art: Global Health, AIDS Coalition to cover sculpture in remembrance of HIV/AIDS losses


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Day Without Art is an annual event where art museums and other organizations organize programs to raise awareness of AIDS.

Logan Metzger

Day Without Art, an AIDS awareness event, will be held Wednesday. The ISU Global Health and AIDS Coalition will host the event on the first floor of Parks Library all-day.

As part of Day Without Art, “Shoulders of Giants,” the clay horses sculpted by Nina Ward on the first floor of Parks Library, will be covered, according to Jacob Bliss, the president of the ISU Global Health and AIDS Coalition.

Bliss said they will be handing out red ribbons at the event, which symbolize the solidarity of people living with HIV or AIDS.

“Day Without Art is a day to mourn the loss of people who have died from HIV or AIDS,” Bliss said.

This is the second year the event has taken place at Iowa State, though it started nationally in 1989 by Visual AIDS, making this year the 29th anniversary of the original event, according to the Visual AIDS website.

At Iowa State, Day Without Art is just one of the events held during Global Health Week, which ends on Dec. 1, World AIDS Day.

“Thursday we will be hosting a bird-dogging event where we teach people how to properly bird-dog and then after the info session we will be holding a letter writing to Congressmen and [Congress]women about increasing HIV & AIDS funding,” Bliss said.

Bird-dog is defined as “when you ask a public official or aspiring candidate to do something you care about in person, and in public,” according to the ISU Global Health and AIDS Coalition flyer.

The Bird-Dogging event will be held Thursday at 6 p.m. in Carver 282.

Individuals interested can reserve a spot for the training at