Wells: Talk with us, your voice matters


Editor-in-Chief Annelise Wells encourages students to reach out to the Iowa State Daily and let us know what they are doing during this time of online classes and social distancing. 

Annelise Wells

With classes being online and social distancing being encouraged throughout the world, Cyclones who were once centered in Ames may have also dispersed from our college town.

Even though we all may not be together, we are still an Iowa State community. It’s important we all stay connected virtually as best we can for our mental and social health.

To help with this connection, we want to hear from you about how you are spending your days. Do you have signs on your bedroom door to tell your parents when you are “in class”? Is your cat your homework buddy? Have you taken up a hobby and want to show off your awesome newfound embroidery skills?

We want to hear about all of this, but it only has to be as much as you want to share. A few sentences is fine, we are just trying to highlight Cyclones, what they are doing and how we can keep our Iowa State ties strong.

If interested, please consider filling out this quick Google Form to chat with us. There’s also an option if you want to upload a photo of yourself or anything else you are doing in quarantine.

The goal of this is to make this temporary normal not feel so strange. Staying home and away from each other is the safest thing we all can do right now, and it doesn’t have to feel as isolating as it does sometimes. 

The Iowa State Daily is here for you, and we care about what you have to say. So please consider submitting your thoughts, I promise they are valued.