Students play games from around the world at International Game Night


Mike Brown/Iowa State Daily

Students were able to play a variety of different card games, including UNO and “BS”.

Mike Brown

Iowa State’s International Student Council (ISC) offered games from around the world for Iowa State students on Tuesday.

International Game Night took place from 7-9 p.m. in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.

Students were able to learn and play a variety of board and card games from different countries, guided by a series of Candy Land themed signs taking them from game to game.

Each of the games included instructions on how to play as well as background information on the games. Some games also included history and facts about the games. For instance, the Chinese Checkers table’s sheet included the fact that the game was not originally from China but, in fact, originated in Germany.

First year graduate student in agricultural engineering, Mike Sserunjogi, enjoyed learning Chinese Checkers, and said it was very similar to an African game he played in Uganda, called Draught.

Other international games available to students included Ludo, a simplified version of the Indian board game Pachisi, Chinese Chess and Senet, a board game that dates all the way back to ancient Egypt.

Sserunjogi said he felt the night also helped him relax, have fun and take a break from his busy graduate schedule, but there were a few things he thought could increase the international experience of the event. Specifically, Sserunjogi said he would like to hear more music from other countries played at the event.

Yong Yi Lim, a junior in electrical engineering, enjoyed the social aspect of the event and being able to meet people outside of his major.

“For me, it’s more [of] a socializing experience,” said Lim. “It’s not about the games, it’s more about how you socialize with other people.”  

All attendees were also invited to participate in a game of bingo, where winners were offered an increased chance to win a gift card.