Tensions ran high for Cyclone Hockey against Oklahoma

Junior Dylan Goggin brings the puck up the ice during Iowa State’s 3-2 victory over Robert Morris on Dec. 6 at the Ames Ice Arena.

Nash Vanbibber

Cyclone hockey faced off against The University of Oklahoma for the final time on Saturday, with senior night also taking center stage. This would be the final time Dylan Goggin, Nikita Kozak, David Rutowski and Brian Bandyk suit up in the Ames/ISU Ice Arena.

The Cyclones shutout the Sooners 4-0. Both teams’ seasons were on the line with the CSCHL playoffs occurring on March 6-8.

The Cyclones stayed resilient and followed suit from Friday’s game. The Cyclones remained aggressive and maintained the possession of the puck during the first period of play. Tensions seemed to remain in the air after Friday’s scuffle. Halfway through the first period the Cyclones and Sooners exchanged shoves and the Sooner’s goalie got the worst of it as he was shoved into the net. Cyclones Mitzel and Moran were sent to the box, Moran got the minor call.

At the 3:52 minute-mark, there was another scuffle. This time hands were thrown and senior Dylan Goggin was the victim.

“Emotions get heated on the ice; things happen,” Goggin said. The discipline our guys showed was resilient we have playoffs next week, we want guys eligible for the CSCHL playoffs.”

The first goal for the Cyclones belonged to Matty Moran. CJ Banter and Joey Marcuccilli got the assist on the play. At the end of the first period, the Cyclones had the lead, 1-0.

Cyclone hockey’s assistant coach Brian Gibbons was very pleased with the shutout win. Gibbons said this is what the team has been looking for all season.

“Coming into the weekend both teams were fighting for their lives,” Gibbons said. “Unfortunately for them their season is over, but I think that was a big aspect of what occurred.”

The second period started with another bang, at the 13:56 minute-mark Goggin got the second goal for the Cyclones, Goggin was assisted by Zimmerman on the play.

“That goal is really special, and I think it will stay with me forever,” Goggin said. “It’s something I will never forget.”

This was the last time that Goggin will put on the skates for the Cyclones during the regular season.

“It means a lot wearing the cardinal and gold, a lot of memories have been made. Tonight, was a special moment,” Goggin said.

The Cyclones scored another goal at the 9:13 minute mark, the Cyclones offense was rolling. Blake Ramsey got the third goal for the Cyclones for the night, Kamper and Marcuccili helped with the assist on the play.

The Cyclones closed out the second period at 3-0.

“I think all of these guys have great futures in hockey, it was a privilege and an honor to coach these guys all year,” Gibbons said.

The Cyclones’ offense continued to roll in the third period. The Cyclones seemed to be comfortable on the ice and wanted to show out for their family and friends and to close out the 2019-2020 hockey season.

“We knew what was at stake playing for our lives and our players responded well,” Gibbons said.

The third period minutes were all Cyclone hockey. At the 2:42 minute-mark Max Kamper got the fourth goal for the Cyclones, Joey Marcuccilli got the assist on the play, this was Marcuccilli’s third assist of the night.