Tensions ran high between Cyclones and Bobcats

Joey Marcuccilli, #23 takes the puck down the court at Friday nights game. The game was held at the Ames ISU Ice Arena. The Cyclones won the game against Minot State with a final score of 3-1. 

Nash Vanbibber

Night two between Cyclone Hockey and Ohio Bobcats hockey was nothing shy of a fast-paced and physical bout.

The Cyclones and Bobcats ended up in numerous scuffles in a high tension matchup.

The Cyclones faced the Ohio Bobcats on Feb. 15 and split over Valentines weekend.

The Cyclones maintained possession of the puck half of the first period. The Cyclones came out forceful, the Cyclones were in the Bobcats net the majority of the period, making the Bobcats goalie earn every save.

Head Coach Jason Fairman thought guys were frustrated throughout the whole game.

“We’re tired of moral victories, part of that was born out of frustration but also a big rivalry with Ohio,” Fairman said.

The matchup alluded to Championship caliber status. During the 7:19 minute-mark the Bobcats scored their first goal.

“The Bobcats have great players and tradition, they’re always expected to win,” Fairman said.

The offense for the Cyclones was flowing. Every one of the Cyclones shots during the first period were near misses.

Right off the get-go the Cyclones scored their first goal of the night in the first two minutes of the second period, Joey Marcuccilli snuck one in to get the Cyclones on the board.

“Everyone on our team can put pucks in the goal, but our team has been snake bitten a little bit. It was huge for everyone be a part of the win tonight,” Pearson said.

Soon after the Bobcats responded, scoring their second goal on Nikita Kozak.

The script was flipped during the second period of play. The Bobcats maintained possession of the puck the majority of the second half of the period.

Right at the 10-minute mark, Ray Zimmerman for the Cyclones secured another goal, tying it up at two apiece.

During the closing minutes of play, the Cyclones pushed the puck towards the Bobcats net keeping them on their toes. The Cyclones defense remained resilient towards the end of the second period, with some one-on-one matchups that were intercepted by the Cyclones.

During the third period there was a sense of urgency to score for both teams to secure the lead and eventually win the weekend.

The Bobcats were on the offensive at the beginning of the third period, staying in vicinity of the Cyclone net. Kozak was kept on his toes and allowed no goals halfway through the third and final period.

At the 10:09 minute mark Cyclone Hunter Dolan got his first goal of the night; this was also the first lead of the night for the Cyclones.

“All of our guys stepped up tonight. That’s what our standards are and that‘s what is expected,” Fairman said.

The Cyclones played lockdown defense, even the other Cyclones helped out Kozak forming a barrier around him to allow zero goals up until the last two minutes of the third period.

The Bobcats would not back down, they kept pushing into the Cyclones net and a thunderous slap sent the puck into the Cyclones goal, tying it all up 3-3 at the end of the third period.

“During the third period I would give the Bobcats the nod in how they played,” Fairman said. “We played our game and they had to adjust to us.”

The Cyclones and Bobcats were sent into overtime. Celebrations were in order after a great match up between the Cyclones and Bobcats. Stewart Pearson ended the night for the Bobcats as he hit the game winner.

“Hitting game winners are always fun but my teammates gave me a good opportunity and put in the best position as possible to win the game,” Pearson said.