Cyclones lose in a shootout against Lindenwood


Freshman Matty Moran brings the puck up the ice during Iowa State’s 2-1 victory over Robert Morris at the Ames Ice Arena on Dec. 7.

Nash Vanbibber

Cyclone hockey faced off against the Lindenwood Lions on Sunday in search of its first win over the Lions.

The Cyclones have been unable to find a win against the Lions. The last time these two faced off, the Lions won both games 1-2, 0-3.

The Lions were searching for a sweep against Cyclone Hockey and thats what they got.

Cyclone Hockey was defeated by the Lions 2-3.

During the first period of play, both the puck and players were thrown everywhere, the Cyclones and Lions were sent into the walls and pushed on the ice. The Cyclones and Lions were exchanging shoves throughout the whole first period. Cyclone goalie Nikita Kozak had many key saves in the first, allowing zero goals throughout the whole first period.

At the start of the second period Matty Moran gave the Cyclones their first goal of the day and lead for the Cyclones during the whole weekend.

At the 8:50 mark during the second period the Lions tied the game up 1-1. The Lions connected on a power play and poked the puck in passing Kozak.

At the 4:14 mark another Cyclone, Stuart Pearson hit another goal, Pearson was the savor last weekend against Ohio, Pearson shot the game winner in overtime.

At the end of the second period the Cyclones had the lead with a score of 2-1.

At the beginning of the third period, a few penalties occurred on the Cyclones resulting a 5-3. This was the shift the Eagles needed to score to tie the game up. Cyclone goalie Kozak did not let anything pass his way during this power play.

The Cyclones played resilient defense during the majority of the third period, Kozak had 40 plus saves, but at the 4:25 mark the Lions stayed persistent and scored another goal to tie the game up 2-2.

The third period concluded at two apiece, resulting in overtime.

In overtime, both teams did not let up and it was a defensive battle. The Cyclones maintained possession of the puck through the first minutes of overtime, but the Lions maintained possession the rest of overtime.

Overtime was scoreless and a shootout was the result.

Both teams were able to secure a goal in the shootout, but the Lions were able to win with an extra goal in a shootout. The Lions have shut down the Cyclones in every meeting this year.