Dealing With Grief: Where to find health after tragedy

Meg Grice

Mental health does not discriminate, and the individuals it affects may often believe their suffering is purely solitary.

For those struggling with academics, it is important to keep in perspective mind the multiple resources available. From dance party fitness at State Gym to free counseling services on-campus, Iowa State Students possess multiple avenues to unwind and voice their concerns.

The recent events with the Californian government have both parents and students on edge, and for good reason. Ames is lucky to have dynamic pedestrian avenues, but these can be seen as hotbeds for dangerous outbursts.

Despite this fact, we should not forget that Iowa State still remains in the top 50 safest campuses according to The National Council for Home Safety and Security. Though these do not entirely eliminate the negative occurrences on campus or in the Ames community, it is nevertheless important to recognize the effort made by Iowa State to meet the needs of its community.

Here are some vital resources for both physical and mental health at Iowa State, many of which are free to Iowa State students:


The Three Pillars of Mental Health

  • The Thielen Student Health Center explains three things to keep in mind as a pathway to a healthier lifestyle: sleep, diet and exercise. Like a building, a person is unstable if they are not meeting each of these needs.

Student Counseling Services

  • Student Counseling Services provides everything from crisis intervention to relationship counseling. Vet-Med students are even provided accommodations due to their rigorous schedules and coursework.

  • Student Counseling Services additionally provide walk-in hours Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.. It is suggested on the Counseling Services website that students set aside at least an hour and a half for a meeting.

  • SCS also offers Mind-Body Services, such as Mind-Body Spa and the Mindfulness Meditation Class.

  • Further questions can be answered by calling the office at 515-294-5056

Thielen Student Health Center

  • Need a flu shot or an x-ray? Thielen has got you covered.

  • Thielen also provides allergy injections, physical therapy,  sexual health services and more.

  • Clinic hours

    • 8-6 Mondays

    • 8-5 Tuesdays, Thursday, and Fridays

    • 9-5 Wednesdays

    • 9-12 Saturdays

  • To schedule an appointment call 515-294-5801

Parks Library

  • Parks supplies endless resources for research and study. Sometimes just getting out of the dorm or apartment makes a world of difference.


  • As students, our hours are often unpredictable. SafeRide is a great alternative to walking home alone from the Design building at 2 a.m. on a Friday night.

  • Hours of operation: 6 p.m.-5:30 a.m. every day.

  • For assistance, call 515-294-4444.

  • SafeRide is additionally available in app form.

State Gym and Lied Recreation

  • With 20 basketball courts, a bouldering wall, a boxing studio, steam rooms and more, Lied is a great resource for any student looking to take time away from their classes.

  • State Gym possesses an amazing outdoor recreation program as well as over 100 pieces of weight and cardio equipment and not one, but two indoor running tracks.

Keep in mind, everything we experience has some degree of interconnection. Reaching out is the first step in overcoming life obstacles. Go State, and put yourself first once in awhile.

CUTLINE: Multiple resources on campus for both mental and physical health especially relevant with current events