Quiz: Where Iowa State students should go for spring break


Should you be spending spring break on a beach or in a city? It might depend on which dining hall is your favorite. 

Emerson Latham

The semester is almost half over, which means spring break is right around the corner. If you don’t have plans yet, this quiz will help you pick a destination.


  1. Where can you be found after class?

    1. In your bed napping.
    2. Hitting the gym while listening to your favorite playlists.

    3. With your friends, avoiding your homework.

    4. Studying or doing homework at Parks Library.


  1. Which would you rather eat?

    1. Tacos with chips and salsa — maybe a side of fresh fruit!

    2. Grill-out with brats and burgers.

    3. A fancy steak or seafood dinner.

    4. All-you-can-eat pasta.


  1. Which Iowa State organization are you a part of or would want to be in?

    1. Hammocking Club.

    2. Mountaineering and Climbing Club.

    3. ISU AfterDark.

    4. A sorority or fraternity.


  1. What was your favorite high school subject?

    1. Art.

    2. Physical education.

    3. Math.

    4. A language class.


  1. Which Iowa State tradition is your favorite?

    1. Clone Cones.

    2. Walking around Lake LaVerne with your significant other in silence.

    3. Doing the Beardshear challenge.

    4. The Zodiac.


  1. How would you rather spend your money?

    1. A huge clothes and shoes shopping spree.

    2. Invest it.

    3. Food…duh.

    4. Experiences.


  1. Which dining center do you prefer?

    1. Does Big Açaí count?

    2. Conversations.

    3. Seasons Marketplace.

    4. Friley Windows.


  1. How would you like to spend your spring break?

    1. Sun bathing.

    2. Hiking and being active.

    3. Experiencing nightlife.

    4. Learning about a new culture.


Mostly 1s: A relaxing beach vacation is ideal for you. Celebrate surviving the first half of the semester by laying out in the sun and taking dips in the ocean or pool. Get some sandals, swimsuits, sunscreen and good company and you’re all set. 


Mostly 2s: Camping and exploring what Mother Nature has given you is how you should spend spring break. Nothing sounds better than hiking by day and enjoying a bonfire and s’mores by night.


Mostly 3s: Somewhere, a concrete jungle is calling your name. Bucket list sights (and food) are everywhere. The nightlife of a city is sure to be a highlight of your spring break trip.


Mostly 4s: You want to explore a new culture. Going abroad for spring break would open up so many opportunities to learn more about another country’s history, art, food and so much more.