Panel to tell stories on children in war zones


Courtesy of Iowa State Lectures

“Children at War: Born into a War Zone,” is a lecture presented by an Iowa State lecturer who grew up in a war-torn country. 

Logan Metzger

A panel led by an Iowa State lecturer will share stories and awareness about children in war, like the 250 million children worldwide living in areas of conflict, according to UNICEF USA.

The panel, “Children at War: Born into a War Zone,” will take place at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Cardinal Room of the Memorial Union.

During the panel, members of the International Student Council’s Humanitarian Awareness Committee will share stories and facts about children growing up in nations at war or affected by war. The panel will be interactive with the three panelists asking the public to respond and reflect on the information being presented.

The panel will be led by Jean-Pierre Taoutel, a senior lecturer of French at Iowa State.

“Taoutel was born in Syria and grew up in war-torn Beirut, Lebanon. He moved to France to attend La Sorbonne in Paris and has been at Iowa State since 1999,” according to the Iowa State Lecture website.

Taoutel said the panel will be used to raise awareness about the wars in Yemen and Syria and how they affect the children in those areas. He said that conversations like this are needed on campus and that anyone interested should come to the panel.

“We don’t want to come and just present facts, we want the public to find solutions with the public,” Taoutel said.

The panel is cosponsored by the International Student Council and the Committee on Lectures.