Wells: Benefits of joining the editorial board


Editor-in-Chief Annelise Wells encourages people to apply to the ISD Editorial Board.

Annelise Wells

With so much going on at Iowa State’s campus and within the world in general, there’s a lot to think about, consider and form opinions on. Sometimes it can also feel like your voice isn’t being heard with so many people sharing their opinions all the time in real life and on social media. 

A main goal of journalism is to create public discussion and public discourse. That is also a goal here at the Iowa State Daily, as well as increasing engagement between our staff and our readers. 

In our opinion section, we have columnists who write weekly pieces about a variety of topics, but we have a lot of opportunity for the community to get involved. One way is to submit a letter to the editor to be published, but another way is to join the Iowa State Daily Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board consists of any interested students, myself as Editor-in-Chief and our opinion editors. We want more students on campus to be involved with the board for a variety of reasons. 

The goal of the board is to discuss and come to a consensus about an idea or argument, so it’s encouraged that we openly disagree with each other in a civil way. Having diversity in ideas on the board allows us to consider all viewpoints and makes us a stronger board overall; it challenges and strengthens different arguments when you have to back them up and provide evidence to help convince others of the validity of the argument you are trying to make. 

Responsibilities of an ISD Editorial Board member include coming to a weekly meeting where we will brainstorm ideas for editorials and discuss our thoughts and views to come to a consensus and work on writing them. Editorials range on a broad spectrum of topics, and if there’s an argument for something, you can write an editorial about it.

So if any of this interests you at all, I strongly encourage you to consider applying to be a member of the ISD Editorial Board. Every student is welcome to apply. It is a great opportunity to discuss issues that impact Iowa State students and the Ames community. 

To apply to be a member of the ISD Editorial Board or if you have questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to email me at [email protected].