Nineteen things students learned in 2019


Some students learned to cook in 2019.

Emerson Latham

The first month of not only the new year but the decade, too, is almost over. Students reflected on some of the most important lessons they learned from 2019. 

 Some students learned significant life lessons; others learned a useful task. Either way, the year 2019 had an impact on each of these 19 students in some way.

 The following quotes are from 19 Iowa State students when asked what they learned from  2019:

 “I learned it’s okay to not be perfect,” said Katelynn Panning, junior in animal ecology.

 “Cherish friendships that you make because they go away quickly. Being a senior this year makes me realize how quickly friends or people go away,” said Hannah Rhoads, senior in industrial engineering.

 “Things that you can’t expect to happen could probably happen,” said Nicholas Quek, junior in computer science.

 “I learned about politics and specifically the democratic part of politics,” said Paige Kruse, sophomore in journalism and mass communications. 

 “I learned how to operate heavy machinery,” said Aaron Drummer, sophomore in industrial technology.

 “When you need something, it is always better to ask people than to let yourself fail or suffer. Generally, someone can help,” said Trevor Poundstone, junior in management information systems.

 “You get out what you put in,” said Madison Sly, senior in management information systems.

 “Hard work pays off,” said Gabbie Hudson, sophomore in kinesiology and health.

 “Taking a break is okay,” said Ethan Van Sickle, junior in civil engineering.

 “I learned [how] to make pasta,” said Fernando Santibanez, freshman in mechanical engineering.

 “[Don’t] focus on outer beauty, especially with social media these days. That’s not the real reason people get along, it’s because of what’s inside,” said  Marissa Brucato, freshman in pre-business.

 “I learned to work with different people from different backgrounds,” said Viraj Wijesekara, graduate student in chemistry.

 “Appreciate things while you have them,” said Madison Stolen, freshman in pre-architecture.

 “I learned there’s a difference between color catchers and dryer sheets,” said Ashley Schildroth, sophomore in pre-business.

 “Don’t let anything slip you by and take every opportunity you have,” said Mackenzie Scherff, junior in communication studies.

 “It’s better to do things instead of worrying about them. Get out there and do it,” said Quinn Kelsay, senior in biology.

 “I learned Spanish,” said Emily Dirks, junior in biology.

 “I need to prioritize the things that I’m doing,” senior Elizabeth Delatorre, senior in apparel, merchandising and design.

 “The most important thing to getting through life is having a positive attitude,” said Chris Gelina, senior in chemical engineering.

 What was the biggest event in your life this past year? What did you take away from it? Take time and reflect on 2019 and assess what shaped you into the person you have become over the past year.