Student Government to vote on gender-inclusive language

Madelyn Ostendorf

Student Government will vote on creating a more gender-inclusive atmosphere at their Wednesday meeting.

The Senate will vote on approving $4,048.16 in funding to the GENRE Music Club. The club, who performs for Iowa State students and the Ames community four or five times a year, is in need of new equipment for their sound reinforcement system.

The Senate will also debate a bill to change the language of their by-laws to make it more gender inclusive. Any he/his/him and she/her/hers pronouns used in the current by-laws would be changed to they/them/theirs pronouns to ensure that Student Government is inclusive to current and future members.

New business on the agenda are five new bills and five new funding requests to be read in.

“Encouraging Sustainable Purchasing Practices on Campus” is a bill aimed at reducing the amount of plastic bags used at campus establishments. The bill asks that ISU Dining and Panda Express post signage encouraging customers to provide their own bags.

The 2019 Election Code will be read in for the senators to review and approve before the cycle of elections begin in the spring semester.

“By-Law Change for Chapter 4 Amendments” is a bill asking that amendments to Chapter 4 be struck from the by-laws as they complicate how Senate meetings are run.

“Approving the 2019 Election Apportionments” is an annual requirement dictated by the by-laws; the Senate must approve the breakdown of seats per category of senators, as decided by student population.

“Approving the 2019 Election Timeline” is a breakdown of important dates in the four week Student Government election cycle and establishes the campaign start date.

The Rare Disease Awareness Club is requesting $106 to help with their campaign to raise awareness for the issues faced by Americans. The club is looking to use their funding for general printing and mass emails to help with awareness and promote their club.

The Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is asking the Senate for $900 to send students to the Urbana National Christian Conference. The funding would cover six of the 16 students’ registration costs.

Grandma Mojo’s Moonshine Revival, a stand-up improv comedy group, is asking for $965 to assist in covering the costs of promotional materials for their Improv Festival, consisting of improv teams from Iowa State, University of Iowa, University of Northern Iowa and Drake University.

SIR Magazine, a general interest magazine, is asking for $9,580 to help fund publication and printing costs for their fall and spring publications.

The Groove Drumline Club, a club that offers clinics and exhibitions to give arts at Iowa State exposure, is requesting $4,060.67 to help decrease the cost of replacing items, advertising and tee shirts.

For more information or to contact your senator, visit The senate meetings are open to the public on Wednesday’s at 7 p.m. in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.