ISD Gift Guides 2021: What to get your significant other this holiday season


The Iowa State Daily Lifestyle desk has you covered for all your gifting needs.

Taylor Maerz and Avery Thompson

Shopping for holiday gifts for your significant other can be stressful, to say the least. The pressure is intense to find the perfect gift for your loved one. It’s also a bit nerve-racking to know how much to spend, what they already have and what they will actually use. Because ISD knows that it’s just not enough to get your other half a gift card, here is the ultimate shopping guide for what to gift your significant other this year. 

Initial Necklace

If your significant other likes to wear jewelry, buying this is a way to personalize their style. Found on Francesca’s, this is a great statement piece to add to their collection. Either getting one with their initial or yours, it’s a cute and simple gift that you can’t go wrong with. 

Carhartt Duffle Bag

Most college students don’t have a good trusty duffle bag and definitely need one. Get this Carhartt one that is super functional and pair it with a matching Carhartt hat!

Cabin Socks

With the weather getting colder, this gift will help your partner be cozy and stylish. These socks can be worn around the house or even paired with any outfit to make a fashionable statement. Found on Amazon, there is a wide variety of three to five pairs to choose from.

Rice Maker

This mini rice maker is great for meal prepping, and it is small enough to fit in a tiny apartment kitchen. 

Perfume or cologne 

A signature scent is something that makes you feel a little more put-together and “adult.” It’s also a great gift that your partner is sure to love and use regularly. A cologne sampler is a great gift because it allows someone to find their new favorite smell. This one offers four mini-sized luxury scents to try. Victoria’s Secret also has a wide selection of smells to choose from that will last a long time on a budget. 

Homemade Tie Blanket

Head to Joanne’s Fabrics or Hobby Lobby in Ames and pick out two fleece fabric patterns. Ask the fabric cutter to cut 2 ½ yards of each fabric—pick something that he loves for each side! These are super easy to make and will last him forever. Here is a visual how-to to make one of these blankets.

Sherpa Jacket

Sherpa jackets are big in style for this cold season. There are many different cute designs and colors that can be purchased through PacSun. Keep your partner stylish and warm this holiday season with these trendy jackets. 

Custom Yeti Tumbler

Engrave their name on a Yeti cup for coffee, water or tea! These are the perfect to-go cups for both hot and cold drinks. The cups last such a long time, and their durability makes sure that your other half will have this gift for a long time. 


Bath & Body Works has a great selection of scents, even holiday scents. Your significant other will appreciate you buying candles that will help their room/house smell good, and they will add a pop of color.  

Sports Jersey

Find their favorite player’s jersey at Scheels or Hibbett Sports. Size up if you think they will wear a hoodie under it!

A Comfy

This is a great alternative if you’re tired of your partner stealing your hoodies. Not only is it extremely oversized, but it also will keep them warm and cozy. These can be purchased on Amazon. However, there is no guarantee that they will stop taking your hoodies. 

TheraGun Massage Gun

Give your hands a break and get your partner this massage gun on Amazon for Christmas. It gives a deep tissue massage and is a great way to practice self-care. 

Polaroid Camera

This is a great gift for your significant other to help capture your moments together. Sold by Target, there are lots of colors to choose from. Whether they’re adventurous or a couch potato, they will get great use out of it. 

Electric Razor

A high-quality razor is something that many people may see as an unnecessary luxury, which makes it the perfect gift! This one can be used on the face and body and comes with many features that make it perfect for everyone. 

Smiley Slippers

Slippers are essential during the winter. Instead of getting your significant other a boring pair, get them a pair that has a cute smiley face on it. Sold through Smile Cushion Slides, there are many colors and sizes available.

Bluetooth Speaker

Gift your partner a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that can be brought into the shower, to the lake or to the pool in the summer. The JBL speaker provides 20 hours of playtime and has a super deep bass.

Puffer Jacket

If your partner needs a statement piece to add to their wardrobe, a puffer jacket is the way to go. Lululemon sells some really cute puff jackets that will keep her warm and fashionable during the winter.

Lululemon Joggers- $118

These joggers are perfect for going to the gym or everyday wear. They are made to last, so they will be a closet staple for years. Lululemon also offers many different styles and shapes for men’s and women’s sizes, so everyone is sure to find what suits them best!

A weekend getaway

This one takes a little more planning, but it is so worth it. Book a hotel or an Airbnb somewhere you guys love and plan a weekend of things to do! An experience is always a memorable gift.